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The Hypocrisy of Your Reps Who Chose to Kneel for the Anthem

At the September 16 House session for Veto Day, six Democrat state representatives kneeled during the national anthem, according to the NH GOP.

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  • Rep. Catherine Sofikitis of Nashua
  • Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight of Manchester
  • Rep. Willis Griffith of Manchester
  • Rep. Timothy Horrigan of Durham
  • Rep. Lisa Bunker of Exeter
  • Rep. Kris Schultz of Concord

At the June 30 House session, Rep. Wendy Thomas of Merrimack kneeled during the national anthem according to a photo by the Associated Press.

These seven Democrat representatives have their first amendment right to express themselves in this way. They were peaceful and did not disrupt the proceedings.

Hypocritically, these same seven reps voted in 2019 to continue allowing New Hampshire abortion businesses to strip away the right for peaceful prayer and kneeling on public spaces outside those businesses when they voted against the repeal of the Buffer Zone law.

Cornerstone described the Buffer Zone law:

The New Hampshire law reads: “No person shall knowingly enter or remain on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility within a radius up to 25 feet of any portion of an entrance [of an abortion business],” and then proceeds to outline exceptions for abortion employees.

The Buffer Zone law allows private abortion businesses to ban the expression of any kind on the public sidewalk and roadway outside their facility. Activities that are banned include peaceful activities such as silent prayer, kneeling, standing, walking through more than once, and stopping to talk to someone.

These seven representatives voted to allow private businesses to take away this freedom of expression in a public space from their constituents.

Thankfully, no abortion business has posted a Buffer Zone in New Hampshire, because a few weeks after Gov. Maggie Hassan signed it into law, the US Supreme Court, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, unanimously declared an almost identical law in Massachusetts to be unconstitutional.

New Hampshire abortion businesses are on notice that there would be an immediate legal challenge to any posted Buffer Zone. That does not change the hypocrisy of those who kneeled for the anthem but would not guarantee others the right to kneel for Life.

You can read more about the Buffer Zone law and efforts to repeal it at Leaven for the Loaf and on Facebook at Stop the Buffer Zone.