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Sen. Cindy Rosenwald: “Yes, yes, yes!” for abortion “access”, “No” to conscience protections

Cindy Rosenwald

Nashua Senator Cindy Rosenwald is way out there on the extreme end of the abortion supporter spectrum. She is so excited by New Hampshire bill HB 685, which would force everyone who has health insurance in New Hampshire that has maternity benefits also to cover abortion, that she tweeted “Yes, yes, yes!” in support of the bill.

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Rosenwald HB685


The next day, Sen. Rosenwald tweeted again, doubling down and insisting that she is defending women’s rights. She neglects the fact that HB 685 would take away the rights of all pro-life women in New Hampshire not to fund abortion, and pro-life men’s rights, too.

There is also the serious problem that this bill initially concerned an ambulance billing provision, and it was gutted and replaced with its current language. There was never a public hearing on the new language. That should by itself be a reason for the governor to veto it.

If you don’t think anyone should be forced to fund abortion through their health insurance premiums, call Gov. Sununu at 603-271-2121 and ask him to veto HB 685, the abortion insurance mandate. 

Read more about HB 685 in an editorial from Katie Glenn of Americans United for Life.

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