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Dems Push Unconstitutional Insurance Mandate to Cover Abortions – Ask the Gov to Veto!

Sununu call today

Democrats took a bill designed to address insurance reimbursement for ambulance services and turned it into a mandate for maternity abortion coverage. Cornerstone Action is reminding NH residents who don’t want to be forced to pay for abortion coverage.

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You can call the Governor’s office. (603) 271-2121

The bill is on the governor’s desk so we need you to ask Governor Sununu to Veto HB685.

Supporters of HB 685 as amended like to say that abortion is already covered under many health insurance plans. So why the effort to mandate it in even more policies? No insurer should be compelled by the state to cover – that is, help pay for – abortion. No employer who cares enough to offer health insurance as an employee benefit should thereby be forced to participate in abortions.

Why doesn’t this violate a well worn left Wing mantra?

Whenever the debate raises it’s ugly head, people who object to abortion are told, no one is making you get an abortion. If you object to abortion, don’t have one. It’s your choice.

So, much for choice.

Need insurance? I think we know that health insurance is a sacred right on the left. The so-called uninsured masses are a blot on our honor and place in the world community. The solution? Democrats want any policy that covers maternity services (women’s health care) must also include the cost of emergency or elective abortion. No options. You’re paying for it.

Believe it or not, there are millions of women across the country and certainly tens of thousands of them in the Granite State who will want insurance for maternity services that have sincerely held religious objections to abortion. But HB685 eliminates the choice to choose a plan that does not require them to pay for that coverage.

Cornerstone is asking people to call the Governor to ask him to veto HB685.

  • Abortion insurance mandates violate the conscience rights of pro-life Granite Staters.
  • No one seeking health insurance for herself or her family should find herself without abortion-free options.
  • It would be an insult to voters to sign a bill that passed House and Senate in such an underhanded manner.

If Chris “I Heart Planned Parenthood” Sununu signs this, I think lawsuits are an option.

The Thomas More Society is using the State of Illinois, which mandates that all insurance plans cover abortions with no exceptions for rights of conscience. California’s mandate has been challenged as well after the Trump Administration claimed it violated Federal Law.

Writing about the same legislation under a different bill number, NH Right to Life Notes that, “This forces employers, employees, taxpayers, and health plans that disagree with abortion to pay for it, in direct violation of NH Constitution Article 4: the  Right of Conscience.”

And SCOTUS just ruled that you can’t make nuns pay for insurance coverage that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs or, more specifically, that the Government can (and should) create exceptions.

In other words, choice. This means the State cannot mandate that all maternity plans must cover abortions, but that is what HB685 does.

Share your thoughts or any of mine with the Governor’s office (603) 271-2121.vRemember, you have rights too, and we have constitutions to protect them.

Insurers are already free to offer plans with this coverage and do; there is no reason to force them all to include it. You can call the Governor’s office. (603) 271-2121

You can also visit for more, or NH Right to Life to learn more.

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