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Dear Executive Councilors: Thank You for Your Four Votes on Wednesday

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Dear Executive Councilors: Thank you for your four votes on Wednesday, so exciting. I think your vote will help turn the tide in the State, and maybe in the Nation.

The money discussion was fascinating, especially on the other funds that HHS was already receiving. The best point: accepting this money could create and increase future liability if our part in the contract was deemed unfulfilled. However, in our defense, the national government had deceived us.

Are there any deliverables from NH HHS? Shouldn’t we have expected that deaths-with-COVID would have decreased substantially this year? 761 have died this year with COVID and jabs, 759 last year with no jabs, each in 10 months. How much money have we already given NH HHS and other agencies for this atrocious result? Flu season is just beginning.

I was in the second row and did not realize that nine people were being arrested behind me. The videos I’ve seen indicate to me that the arrests were planned in advance (by the texting and nodding Governor), and uncalled for.

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On the statistics dispute between Representative Weyler and Lori Shibinette, and on some of the many national government’s frauds and deceptions please see: Formal Grand Jury Petition Overview1-8 Oregon State Senators can see what Shibinette can’t?

More information comes out every week showing the jabs to be neither safe nor effective in the normal sense. Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the NH Senate earlier this year. Here is his recent work describing the big picture some months later. (an hour):

Again THANK YOU, you are heroes!


Joseph Mirzoeff
Keene NH 03431


Update: Added missing link “Formal Grand Jury Petition Overview 1-8”