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Democrats Vote Against Education

Online Learning May Help the US Close Education Gap

JLCAR (Joint Legislative Committee Administrative Rules) voted 6-4 today on a final objection to the ‘Learn Everywhere Program’ that was proposed by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut.

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The Learn Everywhere Program would expand educational opportunities for students based on the charter school model.  The State Board of Education approved the Learn Everywhere Program in June.

Under the proposed rules, for-profit and non-profit organizations wishing to offer credit under Learn Everywhere must apply to the State Board of Education, which would review the proposal and maintain oversight of it. To ensure that every New Hampshire public school student has equal opportunity to obtain Learn Everywhere credits, all schools must allow a student to earn up to 1/3 of his or her required graduation credits through the Learn Everywhere program. Schools may, but are not required to, accept as much as 100 percent of credits required for high school graduation.

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Greg Moore, State Director for Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire says “today’s decision to deny students an innovative way to discover, develop, and apply their unique talents is a disservice for Granite State students. This program recognizes that not every student thrives under the one-size fits all approach we currently have and seeks to give students a learning experience that works for them. We encourage the committee to reconsider their decision that undermines our students’ ability to access a customized, quality educational experience.”

6 Democrats on JLCAR decided they know more than the Board of Education. A program where students can start to learn outside of the classroom. Of course, that means outside of the Union’s grip on the student. That means a huge disservice for students in our state to learn the best way they can.

Now, Commissioner Edelblut can decide to continue on implementing this plan without JLCAR approval. It simply means that the ‘liability’ will fall on the Board of Education should any lawsuit arise in relation to Learn Everywhere. A full House and Senate vote next year can stop the program entirely though, but would need to survive a Governor’s veto.

The Learn Everywhere Program

This innovative program would bring more educational opportunities outside the typical classroom experience to public high-school students. It adheres to the state’s philosophy and statutes, maintains the strong tradition of local control, while allowing greater flexibility for students to pursue interests and potential careers while earning high-school credit. Local school districts may have policies governing how many credits from alternative learning options may be applied towards graduation, so this does not diminish local districts’ control for granting diplomas…

Currently, the NH Department of Education authorizes local school districts to issue credits as they see fit within the parameters of each district’s graduation requirements.

“Learn everywhere” creates enormous potential for nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses to assist in effectively educating New Hampshire’s youth. For example, at Manchester West High School we have “Velcro University,” which provides students with a progressive and customized learning program as well as providing a credited internship program.

Programs like this would flourish under “Learn Everywhere,” allowing students who might not wish to, or cannot afford to, follow the traditional four to eight-year college route to learn valuable skills in actual workplaces. These students would come out of college, if they choose college, with much of their education credited, and a huge advantage over their peers.

Michelle Levell, Director, School Choice New Hampshire

How Can You Help?

Start contacting your legislators, and urge them to kill any bill next year that threatens the Learn Everywhere program. Encourage them to put students first, not unions.