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AG ‘Ousts’ Conlon – Appoints David Mara

Clarification: The Attorney General has taken control of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office — Michael Conlon has not yet resigned, and can not be ‘ousted’ from his office as an elected official.  David Mara is in charge of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office on the Attorney General’s orders.

Not even 24 hours ago I wrote about Michael Conlon and how much of a failure he has been as the County Attorney, and how the AG was planning legal recourse to take control of the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office.

Today, the NH Attorney General’s office did exactly that.  As reported by WMUR, Conlon is out, and the AG has appointed David Mara, former Manchester Police Chief, to run the office.

It’s sad that the partisan hackery prevented Conlon from doing what was right.  He could have resigned with some semblance of dignity and admitted that the job was too much for him, but now he’s out anyways – embarassingly.

In a letter to Hillsborough County Attorney Michael Conlon, Attorney General Gordon MacDonald said his office was taking over control of the office and appointing former Manchester Police Chief David Mara to run it.

Over the past several months, the Attorney General’s Office has expressed concern over how Conlon was leading his office. Manchester police officials said this week they were upset with a plea deal that was reached with the father of a toddler who died of a drug overdose.


The plea deal was a travesty, and wasn’t the first scandal Conlon faced in the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office.  Despite all of the increased funding he had sought from the Hillsborough County delegation being approved, he couldn’t manage an office he was incompetent to lead.  Don’t forget, he only ran because the Republican was unopposed.

Well, justice for Hillsborough County now, even if it is too late for the poor toddler who died by cocaine ingestion.

In the letter, MacDonald said Conlon admitted that prosecutors in his office have made critical decisions without Conlon’s involvement or knowledge and without consulting with police or, in some cases, consulting the victims.

When we go to the polls next November, why don’t we vote for the best candidate, instead of the party line?