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Massachusetts Moulton Campaigns by Trashing Live Free or Die Way of Life

Seth Moulton

It’s pretty bold for a #FITN Candidate, or any candidate for that matter, to come to New Hampshire and tell Granite Staters that we’re doing things wrong.  It’s pretty rich, too, coming from a Nanny-stater like Seth Moulton.  Speaking with James Pindell from the Globe after an event in Windham, he decided to defend his attack on our Live Free or Die way of life.

“Look, I think there are too many politicians who pander, who come to an area and don’t want to address the issues at hand because they don’t want to offend voters or whatever. I just want to be honest and want to have a real conversation.”

Too many politicians who pander? Maybe you should take a step back from pandering yourself then, Seth.

Speaking to the local chamber of commerce, Moulton noted that the state hasn’t legalized marijuana, but it puts state-run liquor stores on the highway — “a crazy injustice.”

A crazy injustice? Not so much, bud.  It may not be legal, but it’s not criminal anymore either.  We also just passed a law allowing prior convictions for the now less than criminal amounts of marijuana to be annulled.

Moulton also slammed our lack of a helmet law, our lack of a seatbelt law, our infrastructure, and of course – our lack of an income and sales tax.

Luckily for Marxichusetts Moulton, he doesn’t actually have to spend any time in New Hampshire.  If we’re so backward, according to him, why doesn’t he stay at home in MA where his beloved government doesn’t allow him as many freedoms as Granite Staters enjoy, and leave us alone? Well, it seems that what the left fails to understand – the ability to leave other people alone.