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We Must Reject the “Insurrection” Narrative

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I share my opinion here only to inspire peaceful, legal, and lawful, but firm and resolute political remedial action. We must reject the “insurrection” narrative which the politicians have used as an excuse to remain silent on, or dissipatively uncommitted to, election integrity because of a few hundred unarmed people, who entered the capitol on J6.

I recall watching the Congress reconvene in the early hours of January 7th, 2021, and spin the actions of a few hundred people as justification for their loss of enthusiasm for election integrity, and their betrayal of our tradition of popular sovereignty. Pathetic at best, one might argue that at worse it was rebellious; i.e. in open opposition to our tradition!

Without condoning any unlawful, illegal, or violent act that may have taken place on J6, we must acknowledge that the people who went to the capitol on J6 were our people. People who want a government by Americans and for Americans! Our People want election integrity! The same thing Democrats cried for following the 2016 election.

Notice the irony, the same people who exclaim “Save Our Democracy” wouldn’t do what was necessary to confirm for the people the integrity of our elections (or uncover the lack thereof); because “orange man bad.”

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The same people who remind us that we are a Republic and not a democracy because democracy is nothing more than the tyranny of the majority, did little more than to corral, dissipate, and repurpose our disenfranchisement for their own political security and advancement; because “orange man is temporary.”

Russiagate and J6, while separated in time and I would argue different in substance and circumstances, demonstrate an ostensibly shared grassroots concern for maintaining our popular sovereignty; and yet the bipartisan answer from the politicians has largely been “we don’t give a damn!”.

The relatively few people who allegedly acted criminally, and from my perspective these crimes were petty in comparison to the actions of the Capitol Police Officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt; these individuals still retain their constitutional Rights including the presumption of innocence, Right to due process, Right to a trial by jury, and the Right to be free from cruel, unusual (e.g.
disproportionate), and extra-judicial punishments.

If we do not ensure these people have their rights honored, political imprisonment and mistreatment will become the norm. While I am a Republican, I would advocate for the same justice for Democratic protestors or any other citizen; because my commitment to what is true and right is based on principle.

At the end of the day, we have to recognize that J6 represents a capstone to the inversion of reality and imposition of alien and destructive ideologies that have infiltrated the United States of America and are being propagated domestically and externally by foreign and transnational powers. These forces and their puppets are in open opposition to State sovereignty (i.e. the people as the sole and absolute political authority); and in open opposition to our long-standing tradition of individual rights that restrain all authority, which in fact protect minorities (the smallest minority being the minority of one).

One solution to this problem is that all citizens of New Hampshire, regardless of political affiliation, should contact our State legislators and tell them that they have about 9 months left to run a Statewide audit on all 2020 elections and to legislate that all future elections will be done by in-person by hand or mechanical machines (not digital machines) and shall be audited more regularly and thoroughly. If these legislators don’t do it, then in the 2022 elections, don’t vote for those people again, and instead vote for people who will!