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NH Legislation Would Let Voters Decide Whether We Should Continue to Be Ruled by the US

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A controversial and almost unprecedented piece of New Hampshire legislation faces its first hearing on January 20. Lawmakers are considering CACR 32, a constitutional amendment which – if passed – would result in a Brexit-style referendum on independence.

It would let voters decide whether we should continue to be ruled by the U.S.

We’re not sure, but we think this may be the first time independence legislation has made it to a committee hearing in any U.S. state since at least the 19th century. Demonstrations for and against are likely outside the statehouse…during the 90 minutes preceding this meeting of the State and Federal Relations Committee.


A historic time and date is approaching. Late last Summer, a bunch of heroic state representatives filed CACR 32, the NHexit constitutional amendment. That alone was historic, as CACR 32 is the first time ever that the people of any state will be given the opportunity to officially speak to their legislature on the topic of whether or not we should leave the United States empire as we once left the British empire. …

Mark your calendar now for January 20th, 3:30pm. The location is the Legislative Office Building in Concord, NH at 33 N State St, room 206. However, the room number is subject to change based on how many people show up. By default, bill hearings are held in small rooms with barely enough seating for the committee and perhaps a dozen attendees. However, if enough people pack the room, the committee will have to move the hearing to a larger room. Join our Telegram or Matrix chat rooms for ongoing updates from on-the-ground, or just ask at the front desk where the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committee is meeting – hopefully we’ll be easy to spot with a big crowd.


Dave Ridley
“Independence without enmity”