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“Friendsgiving” not “Thanksgiving” ?

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Editor’s Note: Yet another attempt by the Left to change our common language out from underneath us?


Looks like the cancel culture is at it yet again. Today I see that President Biden and his handler (Jill Biden) were at a military installation celebrating “Friendsgiving” along with members of the Armed Forces.

For those of you who have served, Thanksgiving” was and still is I think a big deal.

The center of gravity was always the “mess hall” with leadership in dress uniform serving the meal to the troops and their family members. Even when deployed we tried to make this day special and to reflect on our great nation and why we serve.  I guess I never got the word that Thanksgiving Day and what it represents in American history is now sidelined and is being replaced with “Friendsgiving” a nonsense word made up no doubt by the nonsense progressive Left.

I tried to find out how in hell we got to this point. Where did this concept come from? Well, it looks like according to Merriam Webster the word came to us through social media (what a shock) and is supposed to be a large meal among friends during the Thanksgiving season.  Notice the emphasis on friends not family.

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Webster added it officially in 2020.

I am sure School Boards across the country have picked up the concept as well. It will further their socialist efforts to eliminate another racist holiday from our history.  To be critical of this concept probably opens you up to be called racist – a term grown old and without meaning anymore.

The social justice and cancel culture crowd has made me suspect everything and this is no exception. If nothing else they are certainly devious. So from my foxhole what I see is the Left making new inroads to eliminate our most basic of American holidays by transitioning to a focus that is away from “Thanksgiving” and its historical, religious and family connotations, to a focus on a sanitized and secular view.

One goal I believe is to make the word ‘Friendsgiving” mainstream. Webster and now our “woke” military leadership facilitated with photo-op from Joe Biden are making that a reality.

So in a few years if we are not vigilant “Thanksgiving” will be a distant memory as we all celebrate something called “Friendsgiving”. Is it just me or does this also sound like one of those constant secular festivals you find in the UK?  I can’t wait to be invited to one of these events in this most important of weeks (just kidding).  By the way, I am also planning to celebrate “Christmas” not the “holidays” again this year and will now add “Friendsgiving” to the fight to retain our history and not allow cancel-culture to redefine our great nation.  Keep up the fight never give up!