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Breaking: NH State Police Adopt New “Logo” After Last Wednesday’s Illegal Arrests

NH Police State Logo

Breaking news: After the disastrous public relations events last Wednesday, with NH State Police illegally arresting nine innocent (and quiet citizen-observers of the Governors and executive council meeting), the NH Department of Safety has hired a Public Relations firm to help their public image.

This event, coupled with the disastrous arrest several years ago in Nashua where officers were videotaped physically assaulting a man already lying on the ground, something that ultimately ended in officers being terminated from the force, the commissioner’s office felt an update to their company branding was necessary.

Today the NH DOS has released the results of their contracted effort to better reflect the mission and capability of the green shirt Mounties. The PR firm that was hired determined that a minor edit to their logo would be the easiest way to make the necessary changes while minimizing the department outlay and expense of updating the graphics across all of their patrol cars, uniforms, letterhead, and department signs.

The PR firm of ‘Dewey, Lockemup & Howe” has this to say about the updated graphics.  “After reviewing the department policies and recent actions, we recommended a bold step to better communicate the goals of the NH State Police force. It was critical to the citizens that the department needed to do a better job defining its core mission. In updating the logo, we have nailed the target and with certainty say that the new logo is spot on when it comes to interactions with the public. No citizen will be caught off guard in the future.”

Going forward all of New Hampshire Citizens will have a solid understanding of what they can expect as treatment from the State Police,” said Capt. ‘Just Following Orders,’ after assisting with the detainment of the citizens on Wednesday.

The NH Department of Safety expects to roll out the improved graphics during the next budget cycle.