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Press Release: Passage of the Budget Brings Long-Overdue Protections for the Preborn

Cornerstone on conscience rights

Concord, NH – Today, lawmakers came together to support HB 2, the state budget, by a vote of 192-181. Sections 37-40 of the budget enact the Fetal Life Protection Act, New Hampshire’s first ban on late-term abortion.

At a time when other states are legalizing abortion up to birth, the Granite State has boldly gone in the opposite direction and rejected its longstanding and inhuman policy of pro-abortion absolutism.

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Once signed, HB 2 will put in place common sense protections for late-term preborn children by banning abortions from being performed at or after 24 weeks with an exception for the life or health of the mother. This comes after four decades of a wide-open abortion climate in the state – abortion at any time for any reason up to birth.  These legal protections are long-overdue for fully-formed preborn children in their last weeks in the womb.

We at Cornerstone are grateful for the hard work and unity displayed by conservative lawmakers in their commitment to enact late-term protections for the preborn. HB 2 now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Shannon McGinley, Executive Director:

“This was a hard-fought battle of many decades against enormous opposition, including the very well-funded Planned Parenthood political lobby. We are so proud of the lawmakers that took a stand for life and did not back down. Today we can all celebrate the human lives that will be spared the barbarism of death inflicted just weeks before their birth.”

Cornerstone Action and Cornerstone Policy are non-partisan, non-profit Christian advocacy organizations dedicated to a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. 

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