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An Analysis of November 2020, Votes in Rockingham and Hillsborough Counties

Voter Fraud

After experiencing the aftermath of the Nov 3 debacle and seeing Sidney Powell describe how our voting machines may be compromised I decided to find out if the voting machines in NH were indeed rigged.

Each town and city in NH is required to publish election ‘Return of Votes’ promptly. I acquired quite a few of these from my surrounding towns.

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Carefully viewing each town I noticed an odd repeatable swing of votes in favor of Joseph Biden.

I said to myself, is not the Presidential race in fact a 1 to 1 relation with respect to the average of county democrats/republicans, or it should at least be somewhat close to 1? Can this be measured? How do I measure this?

I measured it.

Staring on a small scale town by town, then expanding to cities and then entire counties. I retrieved spreadsheets from election results for Nov 3, 2020, Presidential and County.

I found that simply dividing (Biden/Trump) by (County ‘average Democrats’/’average Republicans’) was the method to attain this value.

This ‘shift’ in voter sentiment showed a glaring offset toward Joe Biden. Investigating further it was readily apparent one of two types of manipulation occurred within each Return of Votes.

  • The first ‘algorithm’ was determined to scale the Joe Biden vote by 1.176.
  • The second ‘algorithm’ scales the Biden vote by 0.111, vote swaps with Trump, AND adds an additional 0.111x votes to Biden.

One of these two functions is applicable to nearly all Return of Votes from each town\ward in Hillsborough, Rockingham, Strafford, and Merrimack counties.

During this process, the Governor and Senate seats were proven to have the same manipulation. The Democrat-Republican senate race is skewed by the same vote offsets as the presidential race. The Democrat-Republican gubernatorial race is skewed by inverted vote offsets as the Presidential race.

In my opinion, the majority of people vote a straight ticket identifying as a Republican or Democrat, most people could really care less who’s running for the county seats and only change Party for a special case where someone is well known and liked.

The presidential races give us the opportunity to not assume but know as fact over a large sample size our ‘shift’ value is extremely close to 1.

And so on with the results for Rockingham and Hillsborough with over 52,000 fraudulent votes:

Steven Rossi - Probability of Reverse Engineering Hillsborough

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Steven Rossi - Probability of Reverse Engineering Rockingham

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