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UNH Students for Life: Please Support HB 625 and HB 622.

UNH Students for LIfe

Members of the committee and the chair, thank you for letting me speak. My name is Althea Ansah. I am a 21-year-old resident of the Town of Hooksett and the president of Students for Life at the University of New Hampshire. On behalf of the club members and the exec board, I strongly support HB 625 and 622.

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For far too long, New Hampshire has been one of the few states in the nation that allows for abortion at any point for any reason with taxpayer funding. It’s one out of three states that has no stats on this procedure, no inspections on these abortion facilities, and it is one of few states without protections concerning preborn children.

These bills seek to honor distinctions made in legal precedent found in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey regarding viability. Not only can babies feel pain starting at 21 weeks, but they can survive outside the mother when delivered, or in other words, they are “viable” at 24 weeks. Full disclosure: I am a Protestant Christian who believes that life begins at conception and that abortion should not be allowed for any reason.

While no law is perfect, New Hampshire would be joining most of the states, some Democratic, in placing some restrictions on late-term abortions. There will be no new criminal penalties on providers who violate the law. The bill simply applies the same Class B penalty in place for one late-term abortion for all late-term procedures, and it applies to doctors who are breaking the law.

It does not charge the women who seek out these procedures with crimes.

Common sense laws regarding protecting preborn children and their mothers are a no brainer. Please support HB HB 625 and 622.


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