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Alert: Zoning Legislation Affecting Your Town

Soviet-style multi-family High density housing

Dear Friends, there is still time to send your email testimony to the House Municipal and County Government Committee to ask them to OPPOSE HB 586! The committee met this morning but hasn’t made a decision on whether to recommend passage (OTP) or recommend defeat (ITL) and is still taking testimony.

Please Submit Group Email communications or Press Releases for consideration to or Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

Please write and ask them to DEFEAT HB 586 (ITL)

The full House vote can still oppose the bill depending on what the committee recommends.

We have on our Bill Watch page the history of the two failed bills (HB 1629 and HB 1632)  that were rolled into HB 586. They seek to re-educate the zoning boards in the philosophy of ‘new urbanism’ and give perks to developer friends of the Governor.

Read the text of HB 586 relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development.

Most importantly, you should write to the House Municipal and County Government Committee which reviewed the bill on Feb 1 but is still taking testimony.

Follow the bill’s status here.

Points to mention:

  • This bill only benefits the cronies of the Governor by giving them tax deferments.
  • This bill will destroy the NH advantage whereby we have more jobs than people.
  • This bill places a burden on the middle class and single-family homeowner in that it takes money from the tax base to reward the developers as well as pay for the low-income housing.
  • This bill will enable the state to be FLOODED WITH HIGH-DENSITY HOUSING, APARTMENT BUILDINGS where they are not wanted.

Combined with the HAB (HB 288 for repeal), developers can ride roughshod over local zoning decisions.

Save the following addresses! If these bills make it to the full House and Senate for a vote, you will want to write to those individuals as well.

House Municipal and County Government Committee

House Judiciary Committee

NH House of Reps (all)

NH Senate (all)

House of Reps (Republicans only)