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Manchester Man Arrested for 4th Time for Peeping on Women in Public Restrooms

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Travis Demers has been busy. Since July 27th, he has been detained or arrested on four separate occasions. What for, you ask. Walking into a women’s public restroom (no one can stop him) and recording women who were unaware of his presence.

Travis does not appear to have claimed to have been feeling like a woman on any of these occasions. That wouldn’t protect him from illegal recording without permission. But it might take the edge off the creepy guy factor. A critical point we’re here to drive home.

New Hampshire can’t stop a man from using a women’s bathroom or locker room. It’s the law, which has afforded him easy access to pursue his hobby.

And Demers is persistent, to be sure. In just over two months, he’s been identified on four separate occasions. 

On Aug. 9 he was found in a bathroom stall by an officer at the Mall of New Hampshire, after a similar incident there on July 27. He is suspected of going into the women’s bathroom and either videotaping or taking photos of women in the stalls on both dates.

On Aug. 2, Demers was seen in a women’s dressing room at the Savers on South Maple Street. Three victims have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

His most recent recording session took place this past Thursday. There is no way to know how many women he may have seen or recorded. It is also impossible to say on how many other occasions or in how many locations he has practiced his ‘art.’ We only know of the four incidents. But given the lapse between Aug 9 and the October 3, it seems unlikely he was idle.

Women using public restrooms in Manchester should feel safe knowing that men like Demers cannot be stopped from entering the Ladies’ room.

Thankfully, he does not appear interested in more than peeping. And we hope that is the worst story we hear. But as we have often noted on these pages, sexual predators have been given unlimited access to areas previously reserved for biological women thanks to progressives on both sides of the aisle.

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