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My Response to the NH GOP Propaganda Machine

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The NH GOP sent an embarrassingly deceptive email to their members to assist Governor Sununu with his attempted coverup regarding the nine arrests the Governor oversaw on 10/13/21 at the Executive Councilor (EC) meeting.

The email can be viewed here. It is a misleading and insulting document for those who were at the EC meeting who know the truth – as well as those who have taken the time to watch the disturbing videos. Seven of nine people were quietly observing the EC meeting when State Troopers approached and took them away.

Those arrests were clearly political in nature, and it is shameful the governor has abused his power in such a way.

It is also shameful for the NH GOP to aid and abet the Governor’s coverup. “Team NHGOP” should be more concerned about disseminating the truth – wherever the chips may fall. With their one email, the NH GOP’s reputation has been severely tarnished, and the trust in their Leadership team has been irrevocably damaged.

Their email was a shameful display of party politics. By the way, notice that no one had the courage to sign their name to that email.

I could not let their lies go without a response, and I wanted to share my thoughts with the public as well.



We are well aware that democrats lie to us and it certainly is concerning. And, we need to fight those policies. That is not half as disconcerting and unnerving as our own Republican elected officials using Nazi-style tactics on its own citizens. Nine people were arrested as the Republican Governor used our state police as his personal Gestapo. It only gets worse from there. In an underhanded decision, our Republican Executive Council agreed to stab us in the back by reversing their vote on the COVID-19 database.

Oh, and it still gets worse from there. In a caucus meeting, the Republican Governor pressured Republican legislators to ignore the arrests, the reason for the opposition to the COVID database, and other issues unfavorable to the Governor. This is way over the top and extremely unacceptable. Governor Sununu should be immediately removed from office!

I hear that some of the State Troopers were saying they did not want to participate on 10/13 and that they were just following orders. I believe that same reason/excuse was used liberally at the Nuremberg trials. Those troopers need to be asked how well they know the oath they took. They need to be asked just when their own conscience and morals would kick in? They need to be asked, “If Sununu told them to open fire on the crowd, would they have felt they were obligated to follow that order?” Just where does this stop?

I also hear that Sununu was freaking out because he had already spent money based on that contract. Is that legal???


Deb Johnson