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The North Country Chronicles – Change Even Dems Don’t Beleive In…

Biden where's my soup

I talk to people all day long at work, regular people. Most of the left-leaning people up here are traditional democrats, like the old Blue Dogs. They are fairly conservative in their lives and lifestyles but are perfectly accepting of liberal ideas and people.

They are not Progressives looking for Socialism. They love America, they love the Flag and think this is the best Nation on Earth. But they are getting scared.

They see the creeping Marxism, and they don’t like it. They see the anti-white propaganda that is CRT, and now they are getting a bit angry; they know they’re not racists.

They see Joe losing his marbles by the day and realize that Joe really isn’t in charge. They see prices going up, even as the packages get smaller; shrinkflation.

They see the economy starting to slow even as prices rise-STAGFLATION, a word not used in decades.

They see Hunter meeting in secret to sell “art.” They see China threatening war with all. They are experiencing an uncomfortable state called cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance, the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The unease or tension that the conflict arouses in people is relieved by one of several defensive maneuvers: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to any other defensive means of preserving stability or order in their conceptions of the world and themselves.

Encyclopedia Britannica

They want to believe. Nobody likes to think their own government means them ill. Everyone wants to believe that our institutions are solid, that our leaders have OUR best interests at heart. No one wants to think that the party they have supported was really a Trojan horse, a covert delivery system for totalitarianism. But there they are, starting to realize the distinct smell of rot, trying hard to pretend it’s roses, and failing.

One of my employees, a young man of great intelligence and character, has been trying to red-pill his parents for the last year. They were offended by Trump’s “coarseness” and thought Joe was a nice guy, who would be a Centrist, who would bring America together. They see through that lie now. They are starting to question things, and they are not liking the answers they are coming up with. Not just them.

We have a man I’ll call Bill. It is not unusual to see him stroll in and shout, “I fucking hate Republicans.” He looks for arguments everywhere he goes. One of my register operators referred to him as “the debate team,” and we all knew who she meant. Bill came walking in the other day, head hanging. He thinks Joe needs to be replaced by Kamala because of Joe’s “sudden decline.”

If the loyalists are even jumping ship……

For many, the CNN Town Hall was the breaking point. The man rambled for 40 solid seconds, and no three words formed a recognizable clause, let alone a complete sentence. “Debacle” is the only word that comes to mind, and the one question I heard the most is the same one that plagues me,