And now we're back to the Scott Dunn Monument to Economic Illiteracy (otherwise known as the Gilford Recycling Center) - Granite Grok

And now we’re back to the Scott Dunn Monument to Economic Illiteracy (otherwise known as the Gilford Recycling Center)

Gilford Recyle Center

I’ve been speaking and writing in opposition to the redoing of the town dump.  $1.4 million dollars to create the Gilford Recycling Center, at a time when the recycling marketplace was drying up faster than our lawns this summer.

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The big cause was that China decided that it no longer wanted the world’s trash/recyclables. The State’s papers all reported on the wailing that recycling efforts by towns and cities were skyrocketing out of control – and that sending it out as trash to a landfill or incinerator was cheaper.

But Scott Dunn and the Progressives on the Budget Committee (they basically took it over in the last election) persisted (catch the little joke there? Yeah, I recycled it). And spent good money after bad as they insisted that there will ALWAYS be a marketplace for recycling. Sure, there will be and I have no problem in admitting that. The question I had that they refused to answer was “How BIG of a marketplace and after so much money spent, what was the ROI going to be for their efforts in spending our money”? Add to that, the time and effort that the Town was pushing off to the townfolk that was never priced into the overall cost of this Taj Mahal of Government Stupidity. We were told, “this will make us MONEY!”. The proper question is, after spending all this money, would it at least break even or perhaps make a slight profit in paying for the expenses”. Remember, the last time I brought this up, I noted that revenue estimates PLUNGED to $99,000 / year even as expenses EXPLODED to the point that the taxpayers were on the hook for an additional $7 million over the next 10 years for the Town Administrator, Scott Dunn, push for this obvious boondoggle. What did he care – he’s not on the hook for the price of this monstrosity, is he?

So, time for an update. Thus, time for yet another RSA 91-A Right To Know request – just to make it formal:

—– Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Cc: “Dale Chan Eddy (” <>;
Sent: 6/24/2020 7:05:33 PM
Subject: RSA 91-A Demand – Expenses and Revenues, year to date

Good evening,

Please consider this a formal RSA 91-A Right To Know demand.

I am looking for the following:

  • Revenues to date for this fiscal year (GL account line item for the last budget process: 01-3404-917)
    • Fees paid by Town residents for any materials brought to the Recycling Center by type of fee
    • Payments by other entities by type of payments
  • The following expenses for this fiscal year (last budget season’s GL Account line items):
    • 01-4324-101    SW – Full Time Wages
    • 01-4324-102    SW – Part Time Wages
    • 01-4324-103    SW – Overtime
    • 01-4324-104    SW – Holiday Pay
    • 01-4324-107    SW – Accrual Payout
    • 01-4324-109    SW – Merit Wages
    • 01-4324-121    SW – Social Security
    • 01-4324-122    SW – Medicare
    • 01-4324-125    SW – Retirement
    • 01-4324-131    SW – Health Insurance
    • 01-4324-132    SW – Dental Insurance
    • 01-4324-133    SW – Life & Disability Insurance
    • 01-4324-241    SW – Professional Development
    • 01-4324-321    SW – General Supplies
    • 01-4324-325    SW – Transfer Station Coupons
    • 01-4324-331    SW – Uniforms
    • 01-4324-363    SW – Hazardous Waste Day
    • 01-4324-421    SW- Vehicle Maintenance Expenses
    • 01-4324-451    SW – New Equipment
    • 01-4324-511    SW – Telephone
    • 01-4324-512    SW – Electricity
    • 01-4324-515    SW – Tipping Fees & Transportation
    • 01-4324-518    SW – Recycling Expenses
    • 01-4324-532    SW – Recycling Center Impro

If any of the above GL account items have been superseded or deleted, provide the new/updated GL accounts.

Further, this demand also includes all payments to vendors as separate items (e.g., not just the aggregated expense in 01-4324-515, 01-4324-518) or other GL account items associated with the Scott Dunn Monument to Economic Illiteracy (otherwise known as the Recycling Center).

Also to be included are all communications (including but not limited to voice mails, physical communications, electronic communications) concerning the SCMtEI – the Recycling Center. “All” is defined as internal to town resources or any external entities

Clock starts ticking tomorrow morning.

Have a nice day!

Former Gilford Budget Committee member

As with the RTK I just sent into the School Board concerning student/family surveillance by the School Board, this will be “interesting” as well but for FAR different reasons (heh!).

To Be Continued…