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Response to Congressman Pappas and Robert Miller’s anti-gun screed

Turn in your guns the government will take care of you

Here we go again. Another round of people displaying their ignorance about firearms while promoting restrictions on them.

Robert Miller believes that mass shootings are uniquely American. Please research Norway, Australia, Kenya (2013 & 2015), and France. And, if you’ll allow arson as a valid form of mass murder, check out Kyoto and our own NYC. Vehicles? France and Germany.

Ususally ignored are the number of individual murders in Chicago.  The same weekend of the Texas rampage saw 7 dead and 46 more wounded. Des anyone care about those people?

No one wants to grab our guns. you say? Please see what Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Andrew Cuomo, and Robert O’Rourke have said.

Mr. Miller missed a step in his illustration of the predictable pattern—the media who gives the murderer all of the notoriety and fame that he was seeking. We find screeds of more recent murderers noting the acts and body counts of previous killers. The Texas Walmart assailant wore ear muffs during his rampage. He’s supposedly insane, but he wanted to protect his hearing. Really? Maybe that was for the media interviews.

He states that the US “…manufactures and distributes automatic weapons…”? Really? Where does that happen?

If “access to guns” is the cause of our current spate of mass murders, then where were all of these shootings before the Gun Control Act of 1968? That was when anyone with the money could walk into a gun shop or hardware store, or mail away, and buy a gun and ammunition. Now we have Federally licensed dealers, age restrictions, FBI NICS checks, and more. And to anti-Rights people, it’s never enough.

Chris Pappas is beating the old “assault weapons” ban drum again. He ignores that there is no fixed definition of that term. It changes each time a ban is proposed. Usually, there is a list of cosmetic features that have little or no bearing on function. The CDC reported that the “original” AWB had no effect of violent crime during its 10 year duration.

Rep. Pappas also supports “universal background checks”. To what purpose?  Has there been a mass shooting that would have been prevented by them? The UBC laws that have passed require a check for one person to let another person shoot their gun (as in a shooting class). That would end most firearms rentals and training for new shooters

Regarding so-called “red flag laws”, Rep. Pappas is supporting a redundant law. Laws already exist allowing the detention and evaluation of someone who appears to pose a threat to herself or others. Taking someone’s guns ex parte violates due process, or is that not necessary anymore? Rep. Pappas says that he swore an oath to the Constitution. Please keep that in mind when you support unconstitutional laws, sir.

I wonder if people’s views against firearms ownership would mellow if they would take some time to learn about them? Did you know that while there are around 13,000 deaths from firearm misuse, there are anywhere from 600K – 1M defensive uses every year?



(Published in the Laconia Daily Sun)