Record 'Positive Cases' Makes Biden and Democrats Look Bad so the Media Has Decided to Not Report Them - Granite Grok

Record ‘Positive Cases’ Makes Biden and Democrats Look Bad so the Media Has Decided to Not Report Them

CNN watcher vs Omicron

Forrest Gump had it right. Stupid is as stupid does. Take the ozone “hole.” The difference in reporting on homelessness? Body counts during a war. Well, the Rona just got the same treatment.

The ozone hole was going to be the end of the world. Significant policy changes (and fearmongering) costing billions followed the technology that made “the hole” visible. But it wasn’t us. Years later, they “realized” it was a natural phenomenon. Oops, too late.

Gun crime, homelessness, job news, everything gets spun differently depending on who holds the political reins, and that’s been true for decades (millennia, really). Whichever of the four horsemen is riding, the reporting spin speed and direction are based on partisan politics.

The Rona has just gotten its club card.

With the mid-term election looming and America a speeding wreck headed for a cliff at the bottom of which is a wall and then a bottomless pit, the call has gone out. Stop giving breathless reports about record-setting numbers of new COVID cases.

I’m not sure if an order came down from the office of whoever is running the Presidency or if this is a natural phenomenon for the media –  the way flowers follow the sun. The latter is that uncontrolled law of nature stuff and the former the antics of a lickspittle (but I repeat myself).

I suppose we could debate who is driving the bus, but I think we know that no one is because not one of them can reach the peddles. The Left’s agenda is to remove the breaks, disconnect the steering, and full speed ahead. The plan is to rule over the ruins, and they don’t care who it harms.

But the optics still matter, and it’s not a one-party state yet. The Feds have not seized control over local elections, and until they do – they are trying – they have to pretend to care. So, when Joe Biden said he’s shut down the virus, well – breathless fearmongering about record-setting cases makes him look bad.


I think it’s safe to say he’d done all of those things. The economy is on the verge of shutting itself down from the domestic abuse of Democrats. Jobs, people, entire productive sectors have been kneecapped, and Inflation is not just on the rise; it is running roughshod over middle America.

But Rona policy has been the worst for Biden and Dems. It’s his ozone hole.

If you scare people into fearing something that can’t harm them for two years, then send them home versions of the faulty tests you used to create the fear, you will get a spike.

And we did.

And it drove the people you scared to hospitals, understaffed as a result of your policy, to overwhelm them.

That’s news, and it’s almost impossible to hide it.

So the AP turned on the Rona reporting bat signal.


For two years, coronavirus case counts and hospitalizations have been widely used barometers of the pandemic’s march across the world.

But the omicron wave is making a mess of the usual statistics, forcing news organizations to rethink the way they report such figures.


And still, they spin.


Hospitalization and death rates are considered by some to be a more reliable picture of COVID-19′s current impact on society. Yet even the usefulness of those numbers has been called into question in recent days. In many cases, hospitalizations are incidental: there are people being admitted for other reasons and are surprised to find they test positive for COVID, said Tanya Lewis, senior editor for health and medicine at Scientific American.


Reporting on the plague in that way became detrimental to the regime. We’ll still report it, but differently. And we shall call it something else. No, not a man-caused disaster, something else. Something else. Something, anything but what casts shade or disfavor upon the regime.

And then we shall repeat that endlessly until they believe it and pillory and silence anyone who refuses in the name of Democracy.

Or something.

Real Banana Republic stuff.