Can't Stop Laughing - Dem Groups Invoke "Rule of Law" To Block Republicans From Running for Office - Granite Grok

Can’t Stop Laughing – Dem Groups Invoke “Rule of Law” To Block Republicans From Running for Office

Unhinged Democrats

The Dems have created a new movement to petition all fifty states. Their gripe? Republicans need to be blocked from running for public office. Why? For alleged misconduct relating to the Capitol Occupation on January 6th. Yes, Insurrection! So what if not one of them has been charged or convicted of that.

None of these candidates who have questioned the election process or refused to help the J6 star chamber donkey show (with RINO backup) has been credibly accused of any crime.

None of them have or will ever be charged with a crime.

None of the people who actually went into the Capitol to take selfies and mill about before leaving has been charged with insurrection.

But since when did facts or the truth matter? This is, after all, nothing more than a narrative vehicle to keep the dream alive. The perception that what happened was an insurrection even if no one ever gets charged, tried or convicted of engaging in or abetting one. And a warning shot to others who might dare to challenge the rubber-stamped details approved for historians to document.

Oh, and wouldn’t it be fun if they could actually get a few key states to block any potential Republican candidate for President? If they can’t even run in some number of states, there’s simply no point.

Oh, and the Democrats are still terrified of Donald Trump.


“On many levels, our democracy is under threat, and grassroots activists are ready to stand up to defend it,” said Paco Fabian, Our Revolution’s campaigns director. “We need to demand that our election officers follow the rule of law and ensure that current and former elected officials who participated in the January 6th insurrection are barred from appearing on any future ballot.”

The letters, addressed to the heads of state election boards, ask them to exclude Mr. Trump from ballots amid speculation that he may run for president again in 2024.


Walk with if you will. The leftist hack who wants to disqualify Republicans says his group is ready to defend our democracy. That we need to demand, election officers follow the rule of law.

Hello, McFly!

  1. No one has been charged with Insurrection. You have to charge them and then convict them before you can make a case for the Rule of Law.
  2. Election officers in Democrat states (and a few Republican ones) openly violated their own state laws in 2020 and 2021. Often, and a lot.
  3. This irregular behavior and complete disregard for the rule of law are why the protest started in the first place.
  4. Leftwing protests did far more damage, and many of those perps were cut loose or released without bail or charges dropped.

The rule of law is the flip side of the rule of man – the arbitrary and capricious whim of partisans, which is what Our Revolution (nice name, by the way) is doing. Cherry-picking political targets for punishment using a standard about which you could clearly care less.

Having said that, see some traction in the bluer states. Blue because they Dem majority, Blue because people are leaving, Blue because they have mandates and still got more COIVD. Blue because of the high crime, high poverty, and they have so much debt and such high taxes that the cure is more of both, but never to solve the problem they’ve created.


But just in case, let’s try to keep Republicans off the ballot, you know, in case the voters care about the ruin that has followed decades of democrat rule.

It’s just like free speech. They use it to silence everyone else. SO we won’t stop hearing about J6 or their fantasies about what happened, nor will they stop pursuing innocent people for political advantage.


Is there a remedy? You have to fight back.

Try cornering your local Dems on the issue and see if you can get a few of them to put their foot in their mouth.

Rule of Law. But no one’s been convicted, or in most cases, charged. But when “your” people are charged, you want them set free. Explain yourself, please.