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Welcome to the Left’s Utopia – NYPD Begins Arresting Undocumented Americans …

New Yorkers arrested for not having vaccine cards

The New York City Police Department (NYPD), under orders from Herr Mayor, has begun arresting people in the city whom they discover undocumented.

Under normal circumstances, the Left would be outraged, marching, protesting, perhaps even looting, burning, and assaulting the locals, but not this time. The undocumented are actual citizens subjected to compliance checks by the police for proof of vaccination.

Remember when the Left lost its mind over stop-and-frisk rules?

Well, now you’ve got to show them your vaccination papers. And if you don’t have them, boom.

And it’s not some random encounter. As you can see from this video, a small army of officers is directed to a local Mall, with restraints, to remove you from your holiday shopping or dining experience if you fail to produce the correct documentation.



NYC is a sanctuary city which means you can enter the country illegally and go there without fear of harassment from police. You can also be transported there from the southern border without being tested for COVID or any other disease and without meeting any vaccination requirements.

That’s not a threat to public health.

But if you are a legal citizen trying to have lunch in a mall in Queens (or anywhere else in NYC) without a completed vaxx card on you, you could be detained, arrested, and charged with criminal trespass while your fellow citizens watch. If you resist well, that won’t be pretty.


NYC has more violent crime than the average US city. In the summer of 2020, a city councilman actually issued a travel advisory for anyone thinking of visiting the Big Crapple. Crime had gotten so out of hand while the Progs running the cesspool were cheering each other on to defund the police.

Now, people need to flee because a city that didn’t have the resources to address actual crime has “the resources” to arrest legal citizens for having lunch without the proper paperwork.

No sanctuary for you.

Welcome to the Left’s Utopia.


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