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Treehugger – We’re Ignoring China and India’s Emissions to Otherize Fossil Fuel Energy Companies

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I swear these folks are getting nuttier by the day. It’s like my 6-year-old Grandson constantly repeating “I want it NOW!” over something and me going “What, here?  When it’s back home?”

There’s just no reasoning with these GAIA Messianics Eco-Socialists on obtaining THEIR version of Utopia (all renewables and keeping oil and gases “in the ground”) regardless of how it will affect the rest of us.

Again, Lloyd put up a “report” calling for Oil and Gas companies to reduce their greenhouse emissions NOW in which “only two of 52 major oil and gas companies had set emissions reductions goals consistent with the Paris agreement” with the underlying “facts” by the UN of:

The Paris climate agreement set a goal of limiting global warming to “well below” two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, and, ideally, to 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F). This 1.5-degree goal was reaffirmed by the Glasgow Climate Pact following the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says reaching this goal means reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% of 2010 levels by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

And the post’s “report” excoriates the O&G companies for not going along with the Narrative. Get this part:

However, Dietz and his colleagues still hope oil and gas companies may finally forge a new pathway by either moving towards renewable energy, developing carbon capture technology, or liquidating their fossil fuel assets and returning the cash to investors. Further, if world leaders move to pursue climate-friendly energy policies, this will also be in the companies’ best interests.

These are extremely unserious people believing that just on their academic say so, companies are going to meekly go out of business because of those researchers academic religious beliefs. Frankly, if I was those companies, I’d simply say that “we will be at net zero emissions by 2050” at which time all those folks that matter now will probably be either too fragile to care or dead. After all, as I pointed out, both China and India are playing that game – promising to go along with the charade counting on people to forget by that time.

Which means they’ll be doing nothing. In fact, China is still building coal fired generating plants (here, here, and here). But a moronic commenter believe these O&G companies can simply be stopped because he wants them stopped (and shows the delusion of starting at point A and going to outer space and eternally scapegoating The Rich):

gr8bkset: Why are these companies allowed to determine their own emission targets? We know how much we need to reduce to meet the 1.5C target, we then work backwards to determine allowances. If offenders need to emit beyond their allowance, they must buy from those below targets. Of course we won’t get to this level of reduction until more climate catastrophes and loss of the Great Barrier Reef and Amazon which have the most diversity of life on this planet. We are letting the rich dictate our fates. What’s the use of being rich when there is no longer a habitable planet to live on?

Again, regardless of what has been said for over 50 years that we are in danger of immediate global Life extinction (without one prophecy coming true), they still believe “it’s just around the corner” that still 30, 60, 100 years away). So, once again, I couldn’t help myself:


…we then work backwards to determine allowances

Who is this “we” bit, Kimosabe? Do you really think that everyone will go along with the totalitarianism that your “determine” would require?  Are you cool with that – and the actions that would be necessary to make it happen?

This the major flaw of Socialism, even if it is “Eco” based – a flawed assumption about human nature that makes that system unworkable over time.

I also commented on the China/India “failure to hold to account” as well:

Oh, this too – how is ANYONE here going to DEMAND that India and China reduce their CO2 emissions NOW instead of their vaunted “start to rein emissions in” decades from now?

So while you put the screws to Western societies, let’s get real – you are totally helpless and neutered to do anything about them and other countries of the same political persuasion.

Watching the formerly “free” nations of Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and others now exhibiting the necessary totalitarianism tactics but with COVID.
Lockdowns, economic sanctions, isolation enforcement, forceful “shunning”, Othering, and employing “Societal apartheid” tactics, the paths are similar.

Not a large slide to move that Control from WuFlu to other issues.

Like emissions. Nice world when you lose it.

They truly believe in this 1.5 degree C stuff as if humans can really stop the climate from changing. The hubris is just astounding. Sorry – ain’t gonna happen. All we can do, however, is to do what humans do best – adapt. We adapted to the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago – and the Warm Epoch before that. And the Ice Age before that. And…

Socialists main fault is that they believe in Status Quo – that they can tell the rest of us what that is to be and then expect us to follow it with nary a complaint. The only different now is that they truly expect that Nature is going to listen to them as well.

They’re just plain daft – but they will cause real damage and pain to the rest of us while trying to do it. Two ends of a pincer movement: Climate Change and COVID are the new hammer and anvil in which the rest of us are caught in the middle.

But only if we let them.