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Imagine, Maggie Hassan Stepping on a Bolduc Poster

Maggie The Red Hassan

There is a mistaken notion afoot in our cherished land that you are actually voting for the Democratic Party when you get tired of the reprehensible Republicans and their cowardice in the face of Pelosi and Mitch McConnell’s latest retreat in the face of threatened left-wing media attacks.

Yup, even the new Democrats, folks who read the New York Times from cover to cover and believe its routinely outrageous fabrications, and the rest of the pre-programmed cyborgs who’ll pull the levers, press the touch screens, and slip the ballots into the Dominion/SMARTMATIC machines in Democrat strongholds, actually believe they’ll be voting for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Stacey Abrams for the umteenth time, Chuck Schumer, and RINOS like Meghan McCain.

Well, not really. Not any more.  That vaudeville show closed years ago and is as stale as Georgie Jessel’s jokes.

Today, anybody that votes for a national Democrat is no longer voting for that hopelessly stodgy old party of thoroughly corrupt hacks, crooks, guys in white cone-shaped hats, or even the sleek new dandified socialists dedicated to the permanent destruction of President Trump, the ruination of America, the gutting of free speech, the annihilation of education as we knew it, the smashing of traditional families, ending Christianity, claiming men are women and BLM demanding looting and arson and murder and the end to free-market capitalism.

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Today it is clear that a ballot cast for whichever Democrat you choose is really just a vote for one man–George Soros.

Imagine, if you will, the hopelessly ill Democratic donkey of today, in a coma thanks to Uncle Joe Biden’s completely inane leadership, as it lies in intensive care, with flashing lights, hanging bottles, machines humming and beeping, catheters up the kazoo, and nurses all around shaking their heads, with the patient dependent on Obama Care.

See the family gathered in the waiting room. Pick out weeping Brother Bill Clinton, sobbing Sister Hillary rubbing her meat hooks together like a bug, “Live Shot” John Kerry pontificating to all in his patented drone, and then see Aunt Nancy Pelosi, Cousin Dick Turban and Brother Cory Booker as they crowd the dying beast, listening for the death rattle.

Then spot our own NH senators – Shaheen and Hassan – as they rub their hands together unctuously a la Uriah Heap, hoping for a mention in the will, for a bigger familial role in things Democrat, or a pat on the back from their confreres when the old donkey finally passes.

But suddenly, the leading neurologist, George Soros, arrives late, amid a lot of fanfare, with the sounds of hospital pagers going off, cell phones ringing, “calling Dr. Soros!”, a large number of retainers in tow, led by his number one son, Alexander.

Soros stops, listens quickly to the ailing donkey with his stethoscope, turns to the family, now tightly gathered around the wheezing beast, and speaks crisply with a slight European accent.

“I can fix the old mule. I will pump it full of money–specie you don’t have. But you must do exactly as I say…” said he.

And thanks to George Soros and untold billions of his dollars, his 527s–MoveOn.Org, Open Society Institute, Fund For America, Democracy Alliance, Campaign for America’s Future, Center for American Progress, America Coming Together, America Votes, Secretary of State Project, Win Back Respect and

The Media Fund, among many others–which have all come to be known as the Shadow Party of the Democratic Party, and thus it’s saviors – all designed to raise enormous amounts of money to directly circumvent the strictures placed on the First Amendment by the foolish McCain-Feingold finance folderol and which have usurped the new Democrat Party in everything but name.

The new Democrat Party, which had become a weakened empty vestigial and penurious appendage of the Clintons, is now wholly owned by George Soros and controlled by his 527s — the same interlocking directorate I learned about in B-School.

When someone votes Democrat in November 2022, they will no longer vote for a political party, a particular politician, or anybody else save George Soros, his endless anti-American activities, and for his personal vision for the destruction of our nation and all it has ever stood for.  But you’ll never hear his name uttered by Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, or their frere, the freshly affianced, Chris “Flap Jack” Pappas.

As George Orwell said in 1984, “…picture a boot stomping on a human face.” Then imagine, if you can bring yourself to, Maggie Hassan filling $3,000 Brunello Cucinelli boots with tidy manicured feet below slightly swollen ankles painfully stepping on a full-color General Bolduc poster and slowly excruciatingly grinding her heel on his 5 Bronze Star medals and 2 Purple Hearts.