Friendsgiving and not Thanksgiving? - Granite Grok

Friendsgiving and not Thanksgiving?

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Dragon 6 had a post (“Friendsgiving” not “Thanksgiving” ?) that decried yet another Leftist attempt to neuter and obliterate one of our country’s favorite traditions.

It started at the Pilgrims’ feast at which time they thanked God for watching over them. Two quotes from that post, but in reverse order:

…The social justice and cancel culture crowd has made me suspect everything and this is no exception. If nothing else they are certainly devious. So from my foxhole what I see is the Left making new inroads to eliminate our most basic of American holidays by transitioning to a focus that is away from “Thanksgiving” and its historical, religious and family connotations, to a focus on a sanitized and secular view.

…I tried to find out how in hell we got to this point. Where did this concept come from? Well, it looks like according to Merriam Webster the word came to us through social media (what a shock) and is supposed to be a large meal among friends during the Thanksgiving season.  Notice the emphasis on friends not family.

These self-righteous bigots and twits just can’t leave things be, can they? And they refuse to leave the rest of us along!  They have to always seek to “untie the binds” that give us some sense of nationality.


Simple – to remake the rest of us into their own image (go ahead, Progressives, prove me wrong). They hate who we are, consider us guilty as sin (against their own relativistic morality, whatever it happens to be today (or yesterday’s and what it might be tomorrow). They are doing their damnedest to unmoor from our most valued traditions while all the while yelling at us “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU! It’s always been this way!”.

Sheer gaslighting to As Van Jones, a self-avowed Communist once said:

top-down, bottom-up, and inside out

THAT is how “they” will attempt to create chaos in and of our culture. After all, Lenin said that when there is chaos, there is opportunity. And that “opportunity” exists in order to take Power from others. In this case,  from We the People to themselves. From Traditional America to a Socialist Utopian one.

One displaced norm at a time.

The nuclear family is one of those norms that keep them from doing so. By shifting the emphasis, as Dragon 6 pointed out, it separates Parents from their children, grandkids from grandparents, and further disassembles extended (and sometimes far-flung) family members from each other. Families aren’t chosen but it is supposed to be the American bedrock. Unfortunately, Government policies since the 1960s, especially LBJ’s Great Society’s welfare programs, have been anti-family. They still are today and the Left is remaking our language to “1984” out of existence those other stumbling blocks in their way.

The other one is Religion. After all, Dragon points out a “sanitized and secular view.” Remove the meaning, the emotions surrounding, and the feelings arising from a given event, what is left? A day where a large meal is eaten. Move that meal from being one for thanking God, recognizing that there is a Deity/Power/Something Greater than oneself, and then it’s just a meal.

And meals are just meals when they aren’t imbued with meaning. And with a meal without meaning, it’s just another day.

After all, friends just come and go from our lives – nothing is certain.

And that is the ultimate aim of the Socialists – making your life void and uncertain. They know, however, that Man is driven to believe in something.  That they do not wish to change.

Instead, they want you, by deconstructing and destroying “your meaning”, that you will believe in them and the world they wish to foist upon you.

Celebrate, instead, that which is Thankful and “From Whom all blessings flow” and know that the “Whom” is not Government. Sure, be thankful for your friends, at all times. But know that Thanksgiving is more than friends.