Part of This Local School District's Lunch Time Protocol Forbids Talking - 'cuz COVID! - Granite Grok

Part of This Local School District’s Lunch Time Protocol Forbids Talking – ‘cuz COVID!

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

School Districts that have not been prohibited from torturing their students with useless mask and distancing protocols are ramping up the fear campaign.

Mask mandates are propping up, as are distancing demands. One school is even prohibiting students from talking to each other while eating.


During lunch, we will follow procedures from last year. When students arrive, they will be required to space out every other seat (6 per lunch table). While eating and masks are off, students will not talk. We expect that of the approximate 25-minute lunch periods, 12-15 minutes will be students coming in, getting lunch, and eating.


That sounds like a prison camp.

Achtung. Sit. Eat. Silence or Colonel Klink will give you thirty days in the cooler!

When you are done eating, then maybe you can talk. But only after donning your required and utterly useless mask.

Not a prison, well, not exactly. It’s the Londonderry School District. And the reason kids can’t talk is that they are allowed to remove their useless masks to eat because there’s no other way to do it. Eat, I mean. Well, not yet. Experts are likely working on this to ensure masking and eating can be done simultaneously.

Perhaps they can follow that suggestion out of California. Move the mask to take a bite, then return it while chewing. Stupid.

And while not talking while chewing is common sense and good manners. Mandated silence while eating, aside from being pointless, is sinister.

Any world where that’s the new normal is broken, and we need to fix it.

Maybe if we tell them kids might pray “during the moment of silence,” they’ll be so offended that they’ll drop the idea?

It’s a thought.

So, is this.

Industrial Hygienist Tyson Gabriel reveals mistakes in the mask science that no one has seen before now.  (Industrial Hygienists are the world’s experts on exposure sciences. THE Respiratory Protection experts, that train doctors. These are the kind of folks you find hanging out at OSHA and NIOSH creating the safety protocols and equipment that Hospitals and Biolabs use.)

IH’s are trained to find and understand exposure points and collateral risks created by policy and processes. In this context you will understand the journey through this very eye-opening presentation.

Click the image below or this link for all 6 parts in the series. (Each Segment is under 10 minutes. If you are in a hurry jump to part 2.)


Ty the Science Guy screen grab nasks part 1