(Why) "Corona Policies Really Are as Stupid as They Look." - Granite Grok

(Why) “Corona Policies Really Are as Stupid as They Look.”

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

Credit where it’s due. The title is a direct quote from eugyppius on substack, and the piece is worth some time. Titled Ignorant and Afraid, it outlines the cloistered mindest of global elites and the connection to COVID policy, its failures, and their inability to admit it.


The problem with curated information isn’t just that it is slow, subject to inertia, and produced by insular out-of-touch functionaries. Because the information has political importance, there are incentives everywhere to manipulate and degrade its quality. Bureaucratic actors will lie about what is going on to curry favour, save face or evade blame. What is more, many advisers, analysts and modellers are only in the position of providing analysis in the first place, because we need more women in STEM, or because they tell the Faucis of the world what they want to hear, or because they have the right combination of sociopathy and narrow-mindedness necessary to ascend complex bureaucratic hierarchies.


One or more of these dopes is making policy in your town, county, or State. In ours, the lead “out-of-touch” functionary is Governor Chris Sununu. He is so clearly a victim of this and so convinced he is not.  He has spoken out against members of his party and his voting base, even arresting them at meetings, as he clings desperately to the COVID worldview surrounding him.

Chris Sununu has become, in my opinion, incapable of seeing outside the narrative he has embraced, rejecting anything beyond it as rubbish or conspiracy.

More from eugyppius.


it is only official, curated information that is allowed to inform bureaucratic decisions. Products of the hive-mind are deliberately excluded, via gate-keeping mechanisms like peer review and credentialism. All of the terrified Angela Merkels of the world act within an environment of outdated, poor-quality information, all the time.


There are reams of scientific research by people far more qualified than those surrounding Sununu (or your local equivalent) telling us that these vaccines are much more dangerous to children than COVID19 or any of its variants.

Not one child in NH has been taken from us by this flu, but “kids” have already died from The Jab™, and the State – in the person of Chris Sununu – is forging ahead with an aggressive campaign to convince parents this is what’s best for them.

As Ken noted yesterday in this link-loaded extravaganza, the dead children will be on Sununu’s head, perhaps even become his legacy. Not because he is evil or twisted or has some secret depopulation agenda, but because he has sequestered himself away from input outside the approved circles, often preferring the democrat talking points to members who question it among his own political party.

He is a Sununu, so I suppose that was inevitable, but how deep is the infection? Is Chris slip-sliding toward the “Republicanism” of VT Governor Phil Scott or MA Governor Charlie Baker, defacto Democrats operating under a false flag? Puppet progressive princes pretending at ideological balance based solely on party registration but (increasingly) unidentifiable as such on actual policy?

He’s not there yet, not entirely, but he is on that path and appears so embedded in this cloistered COVID mindset that he might be offended by the suggestion. I can guarantee his inner circle is offended. “Because …  Bureaucratic actors will lie about what is going on to curry favour, save face or evade blame.”

Like blaming the unvaccinated.

Or having pouty fits until you get the federal money with the strings attached to glorify a pharmaceutical regiment that, rather than returning us to normal, has become the new normal.

That new normal, these Corona policies, really are as stupid as they look. The cloistered elites have become incapable of seeing it, and like any addiction, you either need an intervention, or someone needs to hit rock bottom, and that someone won’t be them. It will be us.