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Most Vaccinated State Continues to See Record Positive Cases.

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Let’s get this out of the way. They’re still blaming the rise in cases on the unvaccinated. Even in Vermont, the most Jabbed State in the union, which is at an all-time one-day high for positive tests.

May I make a suggestion?

It’s not the first time I’ve made it, but maybe you missed that. Stop testing people. Your cases will drop to zero literally overnight. The cost of testing and surveillance will also plummet.

You can stop pouring money into those lousy vaccines that don’t even work. People could go back to thinking about the flu as if it were akin to a head cold instead of half-step below Ebola or the bubonic thing; what’s it called, oh THE PLAGUE!

This is none of those things, but the PR team has marketing goals, and Vermont is totally the best at The Jab™. They are testing the crap out of everyone. The result is this.

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ABC News CDC Cornoavirus map


Florida,  the COVID equivalent of the Anti-Christ, has one of the lowest case rates per 100,000 in the nation while Vermont, a left-wing COVID Karen Paradise, with record numbers of vaccinated, has the opposite problem.

Vermont is sparsely populated. Florida, not so much.

According to the state, 91% of Vermonters have had at least one does. Over 81% are fully vaccinated.

Here’s Vermont.


Here’s Florida



Florida Cases per day Nov 5



Florida is 59% vaccinated, with 68% receiving one dose.

If they vaccinate too many more people, they might start to look like Vermont.

Oh, they may need to add some mask mandates and other pointless junk. And, when the cases spike, remember to blame it on the unvaccinated.