German 'Newspaper' Prints List of Soccer Players Collapsing With Cardiac Issues - Granite Grok

German ‘Newspaper’ Prints List of Soccer Players Collapsing With Cardiac Issues

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The independent German Newspaper, Berliner Zeitung has another list of athletes who have collapsed with cardiac issues. If you missed it, we published an extensive list last week of athletes who had collapsed or died in what appears to be alarming numbers.

I’d expect some crossover from the original list but I did not make any effort to compare them.

And as I noted in the previous piece these are not definitive lists of known COVID-vaccinated athletes suffering cardiac events. We’re posting these to alert folks that there appears to be a marked increase in these incidents alongside a global push for mandatory vaccination.

Given the increased incidence of known cardiac issues (Myocarditis) from these vaccines in younger folks and the marked increase over the last several months, a correlation seems likely.


Here’s the new list, again, with some potential overlap from the lists we published here.


Emergency situations have come up again and again in the last few weeks and months:

The German Heart Foundation says: “Depending on the study, there are between 0.7 and 3.0 deaths per year for every 100,000 people involved in sports.”  …


I have yet to find or receive a comparable list for American athletes. This does not surprise me but I’d expect we’ll find something similar if we keep looking.

And again, from the previous piece: “For a baseline here is a piece from the New England Journal of Medicine (pre-COVID) from 2017 on cardiac arrest and athletes.