Did You Decolonize Your Thanksgiving? (How about Decolonizing THIS, Instead?) - Granite Grok

Did You Decolonize Your Thanksgiving? (How about Decolonizing THIS, Instead?)

the-first-thanksgiving Jean Leon Gerome Ferris 1912 Weirs Times

Missionaries from Wokeistan have been preaching it for years. You need to decolonize Thanksgiving. You know, apologize for being the indigenous relatives of those who conquered those indigenous people who came before them.

A process of genocide, slavery, and renewal that is as old as human habitation on this or any continent. Their faux-reflection of white guilt projected on others to advance a political agenda.

It’s something of an intellectual circle-jerk with “experts” recruiting ground troops to sell a flawed (or at least incomplete) progressive narrative about the past—one whose irony is lost on them.

Their mission today is itself, a cultural conquest with a body count. Just ask anyone who has died from The Jab, killed themself in forced isolation, overdosed on an opioid carried across the open southern border, or during a riot, or some other expression of Progress.

The Political Left is reimaging the American Constitutional Republic. It is rescinding the rights, property, and persons of its ancestors.

Denying the existence of borders or laws that interfere with their plan and taking from us the fruits of our labors. Robbing us through policy, denying basic resources by making them unaffordable, and introducing toxins through fear or force into our bodies.

Not flattering it is.

People born on these lands for generations are being labeled as second-class citizens, and some are dying. Their culture, erased.

The idea of the individual before the state is being beaten out of them or at least their children to create a new world in the new world that looks alarmingly like the one our ancestors left to come here and start over.

There is, of course, no new world left on this planet to which we might escape this recent tyranny. And I doubt they’ll pander to us by allowing autonomous reservations on which we might reside. Their cleansing is political and absolute and if allowed to continue will deny every one of every race or creed – except for a handful of elites – even the most basic rights.

If anything, we should decolonize that.