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Zandra Rice-Hawkins – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Law and We Certainly Don’t Need That Italian, Christopher Columbus

Zandra Rice Hawkins - Image Credit Girard at Large

Lawlessness, thy middle name is Progressivism. The end ALWAYS justifies whatever end is need in being a self-loathing American. Is it Social Justice Warriorship running amok? Or a tool Reformatted, emphasis mine:

This could be Concord’s last Columbus Day. A proposal to change the name of the October holiday in the city’s code of ordinances to honor indigenous groups instead of Christopher Columbus will be considered by Concord City Council next month.

Last month, Ward 10 Councilor Zandra Rice Hawkins put forth a proposal to change the name of the October holiday recognized by the City of Concord as Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, as the Concord School Board voted to do last year.

…Rice Hawkins originally asked the council to pass a motion changing the name in time for Oct. 11, without holding a public hearing.

Rules, smules – I HAVE A PROGRESSIVE AGENDA TO GET DONE!  The means justify the end and as you will see, anything can be used as a means.  Open, Transparency, the ability of citizens to weigh in on an issue.  Forgettaboutit – *I* know what is best so why bother the plebes and rubes. WE are the Elected Monarchs!

The proper term for this is “stolen” (like elections); she wanted her outcome and would pull any stunt to make it happen.  Why should we invite the “little people” whose history I wish to distort? And then eliminate?


However, after discussion among councilors and City Solicitor Jim Kennedy on the legal requirements of changing city ordinance, the council voted to open the issue up for a public hearing at the Nov. 11 City Council meeting. Two councilors, At-Large City Councilor Fred Keach and Ward 7 Councilor Keith Nyhan, voted against the motion, saying it was premature to craft an ordinance change before hearing from the public.

Kudos to both for deciding to Follow The Law (instead of Rice-Hawkins’ Narrative).  She thought she was going to pull a fast one – they pulled a battery cable before her political race car could zoom to the Progressive finish line.

But really, an “issue”? As if it was just a minor speedbump? You know, like Gov. Chris Sununu’s exclamation that words in a legal document were of no account – and had his AG swear to it.

“I can understand that there’s an ordinance issue,” Rice Hawkins said. “But it’s hard to reconcile having a public debate or conversation over the lived experience of communities that have been marginalized. I’m really hopeful that during the November public hearing that we’re really thoughtful about the harm that can create.”

Lived experience?  Like you have folks still around from when Columbus was alive all stating a whole population was oppressed by one man and a few of his crew?  But that’s the nuance that her Narrative wants you to believe (and the other Progressive dopes in NH). It’s a close SJW relative to “gender identity” in which someone’s SJW identity trumps, well, pretty much anything else. It is yet another spinoff of homophobic, xenophobic, and all the other “bic” words that the Left has now overblown and overused and are tossing onto their vocabulary trash heap. It’s anecdotal and singular – meant to override what most of us think of as reason or objective truth.

In fact, “my truth” is part and parcel of it and is used to shut down all conversation and debate on a particular topic – just like Zandra tried to do above. Her framing in “But it’s hard to reconcile having a public debate or conversation over the lived experience of communities that have been marginalized” shows EXACTLY that – that SJW nonsense is nothing in comparison to written process that are supposed to protect us from people like Zandra Rice-Hawkins’ machinations.

Her words are EXACTLY correct – just not the way or result she tried for. It IS hard to think that processes built up over years to make sure the Government stays in its lane can glibly be overridden by anecdotes but there she goes and tries.  You see, the public at large doesn’t really matter to her – only the Agenda, one item at a time.

This is how the Left is winning – they don’t always win by home runs (although moving from traditional marriage to homosexual civil unions to homosexual marriage happened rather quickly – sufficient in changing Societal norms in speed to be considered a home run politically) but, as in Fabian Socialism advocates for.

Hey, frog, meet hot water.

Concord residents can contact their Ward Councilor or an At-Large Councilor to express their views on the ordinance change, or speak during the public comment period the meeting on Nov. 11 at 7 p.m.

“I’m disappointed we won’t have the name change in place for this month but I think it’s important that we’re having this conversation,” Rice Hawkins said.

Of course, she is – it’s part of the Fabian Socialist process (Americanized). Pick an end result (delete our shared history), pick an “oppressor” who you want to cancel (Columbus in this case because of his part in our shared history and showing her hatred/discrimination of Italians at the same time), find a “victim class” to wield like a political club (and that’s all they are – not people, just means to an end), create a sense of faux empathy, create a Narrative that by deleting history we can “elevate” marginalized people, and there – job done.

Just like Assault Twin Katherine Rogers who never gives up on getting Civilian Disarmament completed…

Sidenote: as she has been diagnosed with uterine cancer, we do wish her a full and speedy recovery as she fights her uterine cancer. We disagree with her on almost every political issue but when an illness like this strikes, that should fade into the background.

…Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (and a bunch of other like-minded astroturfed groups) will never stop in trying to turn New Hampshire into Progressive Colorado

…“Concord has said that it wants to be an inclusive and welcoming community and part of that is taking steps like this to rectify historic wrongs,” Rice Hawkins said. “This seem like a small change, but it’s a really significant one that would go a long way to show that the City of Concord is really committed to equality and to justice.”

She could care less whether or not it’s Columbus Day or that stupid replacement called Indigenous Peoples’ Day. For Progressives, it’s not a “Day”, it’s a tool. One more slice of removing American History (not that they’re teaching it much or very well in schools anyways). Equality and Justice mean nothing – just verbiage in which to wrap the real purpose of her moving to NH years ago.

If you think critically of her last sentence, there is no Justice being brought forward, and no Equality, either.  There will be no wrongs righted – but a man who gave hope for a new and better life in a new world, who actually hung some of his men for maltreating the Indians they met, does not deserve this treatment.

But her words set a stage to the unwary and sets a meme into their minds of doubt (er, but what about the history of what I learned?) – gaslighting is yet another tool.

(H/T: Concord Monitor)