"The State's Motto Should be Live Stupid and Die" - Granite Grok

“The State’s Motto Should be Live Stupid and Die”

Live Free or Die NH

If masks work, shouldn’t you be able to enter any establishment wearing one, regardless of who is in it, and not fear the COVID reaper? I guess not. This individual shared this experience in Concord a few days ago…


Maskphobe tweet Live Stupid and Die



This individual is a big-shot lawyer in Boston. He runs his firm. He’s been a US Attorney, very distinguished resume, and I won’t pretend to be even remotely capable of debating or litigating at that level. But really?

Live Free or Die should be Live Stupid or Die.

Let’s dissect this. The People in The Works Cafe all made a choice. The owners, employees, customers. You and your mask made a choice.

Nobody stopped anyone from making a choice or choosing to be with or around the other people making those choices. There was no act of force, and the government did make that choice for you.

Welcome to the Live Free (and possibly die based on that exercise) State.

Now let’s consider the full quote. Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils. Freedom in the course of human history is rare. To have it is exceptional. That’s what General Stark meant. There are far more dangerous things a man can encounter than death, like a life of misery, being shackled by the State or the tyrants that run it.

Next, is there any evidence that masking works? There is no conclusive evidence. Whether you look at State to State or country to country, no evidence exists linking a reduction in positive tests, cases, hospitalization, and deaths to increased mask use. Mask use may even increase the chances of bacterial pneumonia. Also here, and hey – why not, here.

Finally, while masking may not work, you are still free to do it, even when the virus that worries you so has almost no chance of killing you.

But it could, or maybe the vaccine gets you, or bacterial pneumonia. As long as this is not the result of a state-mandated act of force, you get to live free or die. Maybe you die because you were stupid but is that better or worse than dying because your government made you do something that killed you?

My suggestion is to stay in Maskachusetts; you’re not ready for freedom, which sounds odd given that you were once a US Attorney sworn if I’m not mistaken to defend and uphold it.