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School Board Dictators

SAU 16 School Board Meeting screen grab

When and how did elected School Boards get the idea they have the power to prevent parents and citizens at open board sessions from voicing critiques or concerns? It is for exactly that these reasons meetings are held, open and transparent, or supposed to be.

Recent events at the Loudoun County, Virginia have hit the problem like a head-on collision. Outraged parents are demanding the immediate resignation of the school’s superintendent for covering up sexual assaults against two female students. At a recent “open” board meeting, the father of one of the victims, a 9th-grade girl who was assaulted in the girls’ bathroom by a Trans boy, was arrested at the behest of the board members for refusing to be muzzled over this crime.

Sounds like grounds for a lawsuit to me.

These “elected” boards, teachers, and teacher’s unions also want parents who dare criticize board decisions and plans to be declared domestic terrorists. Well, in Loudoun County, parents want the entire board and superintendent arrested as accessories and coverup of rape.

Seems like a charge that could stick.

This whole thing is all due to the Left supporting the crazy idea of individuals deciding what gender they want to be instead of their gender-defined at conception. Once again I state there are only two genders and never in the history of medical science has a human morphed from one gender to another. Here in Gilford, our school board has been apprised of this scientific fact on a number of occasions.

The Left only follows science when it fits their plans and objectives.

Womens’ sports are also being negatively impacted by the Trans Movement as if this isn’t a travesty. Even the Olympics has fallen under the yoke of woke. It is still a fact that even taking testosterone suppressing drugs most men are still bigger, stronger, and faster than women. So how is this not unfair, cheating, and violating laws designed for equal rights of female athletes?

By the way where are all the feminists on this issue or are they terrified of the woke mob?