Reminder: Democrats Know Male Predators Will Claim to be "Trans" to Get Access to Vulnerable Women - Granite Grok

Reminder: Democrats Know Male Predators Will Claim to be “Trans” to Get Access to Vulnerable Women

prison bars hands Jail heart Photo by Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash

Women are one of the original so-called protected Democrat classes. Party of women and all that. Not so much. In recent years they’ve traded girls and women for men pretending to be women. No, not legitimate cases of gender dysphoria, not that they care about you either.

Anyone on any spectrum that is not toeing the Democrat party line is dead to them. Period. So, they are not interested in your freedom or any right to be part of society unless it is their version. You don’t get to choose. And we can see that all around us.

Just ask women in California prisons. Women have rights, and prisoners have rights, but they don’t have a right not to get raped. They do have the right to remedies should their rapist get them pregnant.

We covered this back in August, but it bears repeating. California’s SB132 allows any man who claims as such a “trans” -fer into the women’s prison system. The vetting process is a joke, and even the State knows it. Most of their investment has been in what women can do if they get pregnant in prison.

Talk about an admission of guilt.

They know these policies give sexual predators unfettered access to women but push them anyway. Not only that, they smear, belittle, and insult anyone who dares to suggest the very thing for which they prepared, having gotten what they wanted.


The women, meanwhile, are being prepared with free condoms and guidance on how to obtain an abortion in prison.

Speaking to Amie Ichikawa, founder of Woman II Woman and advocate for incarcerated women, one woman currently housed in CCWF said it was like the prison had “given the okay for them to rape us, cause you have a plan to take care of the aftermath.”


And that’s unusual for Socialist-Democrats. They rarely plan for the aftermath because they either have no clue what will happen or the goal is chaos.

In this case, we have an admission by the system that men will lie to get access to women they intend to assault sexually.

And the Democrats have zero interest in doing anything to protect these women.