Promoted from the Comments - Communists Do Forget about That “Scarcity” Thing, Don’t They? - Granite Grok

Promoted from the Comments – Communists Do Forget about That “Scarcity” Thing, Don’t They?

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There’s a good reason why the study of Economics is oft called the “science of scarcity” – resources are limited, and we don’t live in a Star Trek universe where a replicator can just create anything we want at any time (by working the energy to create mass (objects)).

And the “best” stuff, the expensive stuff, is because it is rare: little of it exists, it is hard to manufacture, and other similar reasons.

That’s a big reason why the Big Whigs in any Socialist/Communist country are driving around in a chauffeured limousine, have several homes, and access to the best stores while their “subjects” are in hovels and ride in donkey pulled carts. They have the power and status to decide “er, maybe all that ‘everything is shared in common’ schtick is just that – schtick”.

In my post “Notable Quote – Capitalism Hasn’t Been “Unfettered” for Decades; Perhaps We Should Try It?“, Commenter bj03064 wrote (emphasis mine):

As a system of government, “real communism” requires that there are no “elites” who can obtain goods when you, a non-elite, cannot.

The primary reason that “real communism” has never been achieved is that it is anathema to human nature. Under “real communism”, the concept of “scarcity” is never discussed. What happens when you want something for yourself or your family and there isn’t enough to go around? What happens when you find out that the “elites” or “party members” have everything they want and you can’t get what you need?

Ask some folks who lived in the USSR about “scarcity of goods”. The sadness about waiting in lines for food and bread, the worthlessness of the Ruble, and the anger at the elites — you’ll quickly learn that there will never be “real communism” as long as there is a scarcity of goods.

“Comrade.” Everyone’s a comrade as “we’re all in this together.” But as Animal Farm (Orwell) taught, there’s always that “some are more equal than others” and the more equal have that power to slip “first into the queues” to get what they want and when. The rest of us schmucks can’t.

And wait, with the “Supply Chain Problems” in which the scarcity of goods (because there will NEVER be enough to go around for everyone) becomes as prevalent here in the US as it did with the old Soviet Union (and now in Venezuela and Cuba and any other hellhole country), we’ll get to experience it. Hopefully, we’ll realize it faster and throw the bums out.

And it might not even mean having an election to do so. After all, if 2020 was rigged, and 2022 seems to be rigged, more of us will start thinking this was like Iraq where Saddam always got voted in with over 90% of the total vote. Other countries as well.