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Governor Sununu, We Need Better Leadership from Your Office

Laughing sununu as NH Flag burns

Dear Governor Sununu:

I’m not quite sure how to take your recent written comments in Sarah Gibson’s piece about the Government Integrity Project (GIP) and Frank Edelblut.

I’ve certainly never thought of myself as far-right-wing and have a great deal of respect for our Ed. commissioner for addressing parents’ rights in a positive way; his judgment seems noble as he keenly understands where to reach frustrated constituents that are quite naturally attracted to GIP.

What would your “better judgment” suggestion be?

Perhaps he should work through the school to reach us, where we are harassed, arrested, obstructed from petition and redress? That is not working, despite consistent efforts.

I’d expect NPR’s ideological majority of readers and listeners will enjoy your comments as they can’t read between the lines and will continue to hold you in good regard on any issue where you thrust a wedge.

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I have a suggestion for you, should you actually believe your own statement on GIP. Perhaps end the devisive labeling and hear them out. Encourage civil discourse and accountability of government officials from the public, the parents, and those with valid concerns. If you have suggestions for a better way, let’s hear them.

I have my own opinions of what I saw from several angles last Wednesday and the selective follow-up coverage by our NH media; it’s not favorable. We are experiencing the same authoritative intimidation in our school district and seeing intentional division stoked from federal sources, unions, professional associations, and unfortunately now your office as well.

It’s time to reverse this toxic discourse. Please, we need better leadership from your office.

I realize your job is very hard. I will pray. I will pray hard for you.

Thank you,

David Kiley