CNN champion of truth? - Granite Grok

CNN champion of truth?

Kamala Harris

Shock! Believe it or not CNN came down on VP Kamala Harris for not correcting a university student for claiming the nation of Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East, was “committing ethnic genocide” against Islamic nations.

I’m not surprised that a misinformed, poorly educated on history college student has that idea and I’m not surprised Harris let the lie pass.

Harris is no friend of Israel, not by a long shot. What shocks me is CNN actually pushing the story. When did CNN become the champion of truth in broadcasting? That network spent the last four years making up more lies, smears, and slanders against President Trump than Goebbels did against Churchill.

So when did they fall out of love with the most radical leftist queen of the west?

Could it be true that even most Democrats just do not like this woman?   As I recall, she was the one who “destroyed” Biden in the primary debates, much to the joy of the far far left, only to make an early exit from the primary race herself. This begs the question:

How the heck was Biden convinced to make her his running mate?

My guess is she was forced on him?

Biden is the most unfit President that we have ever had. President Raegan was visibly slowing in his second term but had accomplished most of his agenda by then. Not so with Joe Biden. It’s been a series of disasters to such a degree that there are whispers of the 25th Amendment being used to remove him that are not considered far fetched.

The question is, will Democratic voters look kindly on Kamala replacing him before the end of his first term? Even if so will that make any difference in this long-running serial disaster production?

I wouldn’t bet on it.