Rule #2 for the SAU46 Chair (Merrimack Valley School District) - Don’t Threaten to Arrest Everyone... - Granite Grok

Rule #2 for the SAU46 Chair (Merrimack Valley School District) – Don’t Threaten to Arrest Everyone…

Seelye Longnecker MVSD School Board Chair

At the 9/20 MVSD School Board, it was clear that the NH State Reps were going to be stymied by that Board. All of the former’s issues were at the bottom of the list even though this meeting requested by them was a result of their constituents complaining that the Board was ignoring them.

NH State Reps Louise Andrus Jose Cambrills Mike Moffett Howard Pearl at the MVSD Board meeting

NH State Reps Louise Andrus, Jose Cambrills, Mike Moffett, Howard Pearl at the MVSD Board meeting


The top items on the Agenda made it seem that the Board was going to have a bitching session against the Reps (who are all Republicans and the Board is mostly Leftists) and they want the State of NH to give them more goodies).

Chair Seelye Longnecker made it quite clear that SHE was in charge with an attitude of “how DARE you all unmasked unclean defy ME when I tell you to go to the mask segregation room like second class citizens or leave the building – and you WON’T follow ORDERS!”

A 23-minute Mexican standoff results and she finally calls the stern-faced Police in with threats of arrest for trespassing on school grounds.

Mask Tyrant.

You know, the typical “Don’t you know who I am?!?!?!?!?!” tactics. The typical elected representative believes that winning a mere election gives them God-like Powers.



She doesn’t realize, or never learned, that those who govern ONLY govern by the consent of the governed. And when that consent is withdrawn, their Power has been withdrawn as well.

When that consent is withdrawn, one would think a rational person would realize “Oops! What did I do wrong – and how to fix it? I’ve lost the Trust of those that both voted for and against me – how do I regain that? Even if I still think I’m doing the right thing(s)?”

Nope, it was clear that this was not Seelye Longnecker’s thought process.

My advice to those that were in the stands is to start the process of kicking her butt out of that seat. It is clear from her “tone” that she believes these people are beneath her instead of trying to understand them.

And that’s the saddest part of all.

And in case you are wondering who the Board Members are:

Chair Seelye Longnecker, Bobbi-Jo Michael, Sally Hirsh-Dickinson, Jessica Wheeler Russell, Lorrie Carey, Andrew Chalsma, Tracy Bricchi, Owen Harrington, Laura Vincent, Melissa Muzzy, Peggy Jones-Blanchard