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No Coattails Already – DLCC Erases Biden Logo on Local Dem Candidates T-Shirt

Andrew Maneval Original Image

The DC machine has been dumping serious money into Special elections in NH all year long, and Cheshire County District 9 is no different. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has deep pockets and empties them to influence local politics.

Michael Graham, at NH Journal, reports that “According to disclosures, it spen[t] $34,000 in the Democratic win in Bow/Dumbarton, $29,424 in its loss in Merrimack, and a stunning $78,367 in the Democrats’ surprise win in Bedford earlier this month.”

The DLCC spends a lot of money to advance the party and the agenda. So, why did they “photoshop” a Biden-Harris logo from a T-shirt in a photo of this New Hampshire candidate?


Andrew Maneval DLCC edited image
Andrew Maneval DLCC edited image – no Biden Harris Logo


Here’s the original photo from the Maneval for NH Facebook Page. (Cropped for this post.)


Andrew Maneval Original Image
Andrew Maneval Original Unedited Image – Maneval for NH – Facebook

The DLCC has determined that a Democrat who supports Biden and Harris is less likely to…what? Get donations, attract volunteers, get votes, lose the election?

Residents in Cheshire County District 9 (Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Roxbury) won’t vote for Maneval if he supports Biden?

That’s the only reason to remove the logo, so maybe they’re onto something?

Andrew Maneval voted for and supported Joe Biden, but the DLCC thinks that’s not good politically. It might be the interest of locals to avoid anyone who supports the colossal failure they stuffed into the White house.  And not just Biden but all of the people running Biden.

And yes, all of the people who helped put him there and the DLCC knows it but do voters in Cheshire District 9?

The Special Election is on October 26th.