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Do Results Matter: After Oregon Issues Indoor and Outdoor Mask Mandate Cases are Up 74%

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

This isn’t getting the sort of wide-ranging reporting it deserves. But then, why would it. A very liberal left-coast state doing very liberal left-coast things mandated masks indoors and out to address a spike in COVID cases. So, how’d that work out?


On August 24, Oregon had 49,889 active cases of COVID-19. As of yesterday, Oregon had 86,623 active cases of COVID-19 — an increase of 73 percent from the day the governor announced the outdoor mask requirement. Keep in mind, cases merely mean positive tests; an active case does not necessarily mean that person is significantly ill. The seven-day average of daily new cases has actually declined a bit, from a peak of 2,322 on August 30 to 1,616 yesterday. This wave appears to have peaked.


Remember, we’re talking about August and September, not Flu season. But here we see Oregon, where 65% of residents have received at least one dose of the covid juice, proving that mask mandates are useless.

And while no one will dare – because it violates the sacred dogma of Covidism – it almost looks like the mandate made things worse.

Naturally, the correct course of action here is to claim no one is following the mandate or the plebes are just doing it wrong. To which I say so, what you gonna do about that? Go full Australia!

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Mask checkpoints guarded by jackbooted thugs (in white coats?).

Random house checks to make sure people have and are using the things correctly?

The next logical step is fascism so, what’s the plan? How about what you are doing doesn’t work, so stop!


Many of the most restrictive governors would like to believe that their sweeping mandates and far-reaching restrictions on normal pre-pandemic activity are heroically saving lives, but the actual case data is much messier and rarely supports those self-serving narratives.



In New Hampshire, where very few schools require masks, and there are no state mandates, cases “spiked” last week (at a whopping 560 or 0.016% of the population) and have since dropped to 366. Cumulative cases by onset date have cratered. Deaths are not spiking and appear in decline (not that we ever had many of those).

And we are still looking at the flu, like any other, whose victims, still tragic, are over and mostly over 70 with preexisting conditions.

Even if masks worked, even if the vaccines worked, you don’t have to sinch up everyone’s “shorts.” We’re not all in this together, and we never were. And when you do, things don’t get better. They appear to get worse.