"Thank you, Kathy Sullivan" - Granite Grok

“Thank you, Kathy Sullivan”


MANCHESTER, NH  August 30, 2021–In response to an Op.Ed. penned by former Democrat Party Boss Kathy Sullivan, Republican Manchester mayoral candidate Rich Girard released the following statement:

Kathy Sullivan’s ‘conventional wisdom’ on the mayoral race would more accurately be seen as the Democrat Party’s ‘desired election outcome.’  Clearly, the Democrats want a rematch with Victoria Sullivan, who was soundly defeated by Craig just two years ago, 56% to 42%.  They know they’ll have a much more difficult time with me because of my embedded name ID and reputation recognition as a guy who does his homework and knows the city, its government, players and issues.  I have real plans to fix what’s gone wrong these past four years and the credibility to make them stick with voters and they know it.  That terrifies them so they resort to unfounded ‘conventional wisdom.’

I’ve been elected citywide four times, not two and, as Kathy knows, largely without ‘establishment support.’  My strength has always been with the grass roots and the working class men and women of Manchester who appreciate my direct, common sense, conservative approach to government, my ability to know what questions to ask and willingness to challenge ‘the experts.’  While she correctly notes I have ‘a lot’ of support from folks who’ve also well represented the hopes and dreams of these people, she conveniently omits that 20% of my approximately 40 endorsements (and counting) are from Democrats and Independents.  My Republican supporters come from all corners of the party.

Mine is a broad based coalition of people who want someone who is focused on fixing our city’s out of control homeless vagrancy problem, historically high crime rates (especially violent crime), historically low and still declining school test scores and the mindless spending that’s created a $30 million spending cliff using one time money that will crush the taxpayer once those funds run out.  Voters don’t care about the palace intrigue or personality grudges at City Hall.  They want someone who will get them results and they know I’m that someone.

Finally, if Sullivan is so assured of November’s outcome, if I’m such a Right Wing extremist, if #WrongChoiceJoyce is so beloved, why not advise the mayor to put that all on display in a debate?  After all, if I’m such a bad candidate, why not provide the opportunity for me to hang myself with my own rope?  I think everybody knows that answer.

In closing, I’d like to thank Kathy for tipping her party’s hand on which candidate they want in November.  It’s proof positive that my candidacy and message are resonating, which is something I’ve heard at countless doors as I’ve campaigned around our great city whose residents are very tuned in and very worried about.