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Devastating Trump Ad Exposes Biden and his Handlers

Biden falling up the stairs to Air Force One Youtube screenshot

This is an absolutely devastating ad from Trump and Save America, pointing out what Biden has unleashed. How Biden is not fit and that his handlers have reached for a part of a Political Brass Ring that really isn’t theirs to hold.



Trump has always had the ability to go after his enemies (who couldn’t disguise their disdain and hatred of him). He can get under their skin, live in their heads rent-free, and make sport of them at will. This one, however, is really going to leave a mark.

Trump was the man for “The Forgotten Man”; those of us that the Ruling Class that just didn’t forget about but decided to deride and disparage for years. Flyover Country, Rednecks, Bitter Clingers, Bible-Thumpers, and “glibertarians” (yes, Bruce he is a full-fledged member of this cohort).

While rich as all get out he didn’t make sport of us. He understood us and stood up for us. While many GOPe mouthed the same words, we knew that they were more beholden to that rubber chicken circuit and the high society of political insiders and their oh-so-tony dinner parties.

And Biden and his Communist Obama retreads have nothing in their quiver to say that this commercial is wrong.

And I hope it leaves a lot of marks.

Steven Green at VodkaPundit described it well (reformatted, emphasis mine):

…My first thought after deciding to write this column was to do a cut-by-cut explanation of everything that makes this ad so effective. But then I realized that this ad is about the gestalt, the totality, of Biden’s cascading policy failures.

To explain this ad would detract from what makes it great. But there is one thing that might require some small bit of explanation, so here it goes.

I might be wrong about this, but after watching this ad, it was blue-sky-clear to me that Trump is running for reelection, and that this ad functions as his unofficial announcement of just that.

…Today’s Trump ad, though, made me realize that just seven months in, there’s no denying the totality of Biden’s failures.

Just. Seven. Months.

Try as they might, it would be damn-near impossible for the Democrat-Media Complex to change America’s mind about Biden.