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CBS News Blames You For Taliban Victory in Afghanistan

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Since the fall of Kabul, a lot of rats have been jumping ship. I can’t count how many articles I’ve seen from every corner saying we gave Joe plan after plan, and he ignored them. In other words, we did it right. He didn’t listen. But not CBS. They’ve decided to blame you.


Whether from drought or flood-ravaged soil, farmers in the region struggle to maintain productive crops and livestock. When they cannot profitably farm, they’re forced to borrow funds to survive. When Afghans can’t pay off lenders, the Taliban often steps in to sow government resentment.


It’s all your fault. If you’d just signed on to the useless remedies proposed by the Left, this would never have happened. The farmers would have farmed. The Afghans would have ignored the militant armed Islamists.  And their daughters and wives would be free to choose between the hijab and burqa voluntarily instead of being treated like chattel.

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Yes, that’s it.

CBS has cracked the secret code. Except for one thing.

When Americans express dissatisfaction with the “election” of Joe Biden – the guy actually responsible for the failures in Talibanistan, or any of his other economic decisions – which do not help farmers, or manufacturing jobs, or energy jobs, or the cost of living, or border policy, or gas prices, or inflation, or endless street violence by Democrat proxies, that’s an insurrection.

Why can’t we blame that on Climate Change and let those people off the hook?

Do you know why?

None of this is about climate change. It’s all just partisan propaganda politics.

But it is “funny” (sad or ha-ha, you choose) to see how hard they try while pretending to be unbiased, fair, and balanced guardians of the people.

Guardians of some people, almost all of whom happen to be Democrats.