US Marshall Explains What to Do If JoeBama's Vaccine-Knockers Darken Your Door - Granite Grok

US Marshall Explains What to Do If JoeBama’s Vaccine-Knockers Darken Your Door

Retired US Marshall has advice for dealing with Covid dooknockers - BitChute Screen Grab

A retired US Marshall with 20 years in law enforcement has some very simple, easy-to-follow instructions on what to do if JoeBama’s ‘Papers-Please’ Excuse me have you gotten The Jab™  door knockers “come to call” at your home.

It is what I would call a priceless must-have for your otherwise innocuous-looking non-violent intruder toolbox.

In under four minutes, he offers you two very easy-to-follow paths for addressing these trespassers though I must admit the second one is much more enjoyable than the first.

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He also has some thoughts about neighbors being encouraged to report their neighbors and that tipping point thing we hear so much about lately.

Good stuff and worth every second.


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