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To Help You Understand Why The “Windham Audit” Was Always A Sham

Voter Suppression and fraud

I knew from the beginning that the “Windham Audit” was a SHAM. Four letters explain why: F-I-T-N. As in First-In-The-Nation presidential-primary.

A lot of important, powerful people make a lot of money from the First-In-The-Nation presidential-primary. And so would lose a lot of money if New Hampshire lost its F-I-T-N status, which would have been a real possibility with a real audit … because everyone with a functioning brain knows, even if most will not say it, that Biden did NOT get 400,00+ legal votes in New Hampshire (an increase of approximately 400,000 over what he tallied in the primary).

Do you really think that WMUR would just sit back and let all that advertising revenue go poof? Do you really think that all the local “consultants” and “strategists” would just sit back and let all those consulting/strategizing fees go poof?

And it is not just the people who profit directly from New Hampshire’s F-I-T-N status, our 24 State Senators and 400 State Representatives get to feel important for a few months as their “coveted endorsements” are fought over. Same for Stinky Joe at the Dying Union Misleader. And for the Sun-King. And for the Secretary of State, who gets to snap a selfie with every candidate who makes the pilgrimage to his office to file. And for the local press. Do you really think they would jeopardize their time in the limelight?

The SHAM was not concocted and carried out by the Attorney General’s Office. The SHAM was not a Republican versus Democrat thing. It was the SYSTEM, the elites, the ruling class versus the rest of us.

The SHAM was obvious from the outset when the parameters of the audit were set to exclude examination of the Presidential votes. For anyone who was willing to see it.

By the way, let’s not forget why New Hampshire is allowed F-I-T-N status by the RNC. It is because New Hampshire is a RINO State relative to States like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and is a tool for the RINOs at the RNC to block real conservatives from getting the nomination.