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Simon Campbell is Back to talk about School Boards, Free Speech, and Intimidation Tactics

Simon Campbell

If you missed our first report involving Simon Campbell, you can check that out here. It relates to this latest bit of news. He’s a very outspoken advocate for free speech who takes no crap but is happy to take prisoners.

From our first piece:


Popcorn is optional, but this gentleman knows more about the constitution than the elected members he is addressing, and he’s not letting them get away with not having it recorded for public record.


As noted, he’s is back with an update.


For over a month Pennsbury had cut a portion of public comment out of the tape. Only after national media scrutiny did the school district finally capitulate and release the unedited version on approximately June 25, 2021. There are no Republicans on the Pennsbury school board. All nine (9) school board directors are Democrats. We now get to see what the school board didn’t want the public to see.

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Simon has links to the full video of the meeting here, but he’s done us the favor of isolating a few critical bits below that reinforce his earlier points about free speech and bureaucratic intimidation from which we can all benefit. Check it out.

The lawyer doing the screaming at citizens is Attorney Peter Amuso of the law firm Rudolph Clarke LLC (a law firm with a history of making campaign contributions to Democratic causes/candidates).  Amuso is not listed in School Board Policy 903 as being the presiding officer of school board meetings. His only job is supposed to be that of counsel to the school board. He is required to follow the PA Rules of Professional Conduct. Question:

Why are the Democrats on the Pennsbury School Board misusing a taxpayer-funded lawyer in this manner?