Schools Exist For the Education of Children - Not to Provide Iron-Clad Jobs for Teachers... - Granite Grok

Schools Exist For the Education of Children – Not to Provide Iron-Clad Jobs for Teachers…

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“Schools exist for the education of children. Schools do not exist to provide iron-clad jobs for teachers, billions of dollars in union dues for teachers unions, monopolies for educational bureaucracies, a guaranteed market for teachers college degrees or a captive audience for indoctrinators.”

Those who want to see quality education remain available to youngsters in low-income minority neighborhoods must raise the question, again and again, when various policies and practices are proposed: “How is this going to affect the education of children?

-Prof Thomas Sowell (Charter Schools and Their Enemies):

Get that?

  • NOT for teachers
  • NOT for teacher unions
  • NOT for Govt bureaucracies
  • NOT for colleges
  • NOT for Indoctrinators

It seems that all of the above think, believe, and fight for the money that flows around the education of our children. It goes past being “entitled” to them – in their eyes, every single one of the above KNOW it is due to them. The kids are just how they justify their greed for tax money.

Oh, they may say other things but it is clear that if any of us that ARE concerned about the education of our children speak out about reducing the amount of money to one or more of those groups, we are all Hitlerians in thought and beliefs.

They, by their own actions and and words, have made it rather clear and we can thank Critical Race Theory and the Pandemic for making it quite clear to the rest of us.