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Now That DACA Has Been Ruled ‘Illegal’ Will Dems in Congress Dare To Make it Legal?

Lightbringer Obama, he of the phone and the pen, created law out of thin air, something the Executive Branch may not do without leave from Congress. He “legalized” illegal alien minors, but a Federal Judge just dropped the truth bomb.

What is probably millions of illegals later, the court determined that congress never gave him the authority. Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) is, naturally, not pleased.

President Joe Biden said Saturday that the Justice Department intends to appeal a federal judge’s ruling deeming illegal an Obama-era program that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation and he renewed his calls for Congress to create a permanent solution.

Too little too late.

The Obama program created the opioid epidemic that resulted in an exponential rise in addiction and deaths. The judge’s ruling does not affect existing minors who entered illegally, only future ones – none of who will be stopped or deported. But it may get the attention of the Democrat majority congress.

Biden is asking them to pass the dream act.

Will moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin leap to make partisan open-border policy the law?

It’s a good question. Recent polling in New Hampshire showed Illegal Immigration to be a critical issue for New Hampshire voters. Democrats do not poll well, in contrast, so if the Dems in DC take the plunge before the midterms, could the effect be enough to overcome any planned ballot-box stuffing antics?

And because I know it will come up, I know the Executive has no lawmaking authority, only rule-making authority with the force of law because congress abrogated its authority – a distinction without a difference that is, in my opinion, still unconstitutional.

But the courts will not suddenly declare rulemaking with the force of law illegal so let’s try to stay focused on the problem.

Democrats have the vited to make open borders legal.

Open borders have resulted in the deaths of an uncountable number of Americans and immigrants, legal and illegal. From overdoses to murders by gangs and drug cartels, vehicular manslaughter, rapes, and assault.

The LEt’s border stance is, by all Left-Wing Standards, the source of a major Public Health crisis, but it advances their political goals, so they will do nothing but make it worse.

Question. Will they? Can they? Do the Dems with a slim majority push some version of the Dream Act over the finish line before November 2022?