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New Narrative: Thanks To You Moon Wobble Will Cause Tidal Flooding

The latest warning to come out of the Climate Cult Bible of Western Sin is to a twofer. One item, presumable naturally occurring, combined with another that’s all your fault, to create more fake fear.

NASA says the moon is about to transition its wobble (I’m a planet, wait I’m a moon, no I’m a…). Sorry, not that sort of “transition”

This effect is normal and cyclical but because you selfish bastards won’t give up your cheap, affordable energy lifestyle, the effect will increase coastal flooding during high tides.


A new study on high tide flooding predicts that the mid-2030s could be catastrophically wet in U.S. coastal regions — and it could stay that way for an entire decade. Flooding at high tide, often called nuisance flooding, already occurs with regularity in many coastal communities as water routinely sloshes into streets, yards and businesses. Two factors could converge to worsen flooding at high tide, the study says: rising sea levels fueled by climate change — and the moon.

The moon, yes. Climate change, no!


Climate Realism looked at the so-called impact of “climate change” versus so-called non-impact changes in sea level trends. The consensus? If, and this is not an admission, human influence exists, that 70-year baseline shows a very predictable 0.3 inches per decade.

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Given that these changes result from natural post-little-ice-age warming, the solar maximum, and Isostatic rebound, even that much credit is presumptuous.



Such presumption is all the Climate Cult ever had – demonstrated by the long list of failed predictions in their fearmongering wake.

Their “science” sucks.

Speaking of presumptions. The entire messaging linking Anthropogenic influence with lunar cycles over which you have no control is deliberately misleading.


NASA uses word play, or in this case, time shifting, to make it seem climate change will play a significant role in high tide flooding when the moon’s wobble shifts around 2030. The paper’s main discussion focuses on the impact of the moon’s shift on flooding in the 2030 to 2040 time period. However, when climate change’s contribution to sea level rise is discussed, NASA shifts to discussing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) estimates of sea level rise in 2100.


More Climate Smoke and mirrors, of which we will never hear the end until we all embrace Marxism. Another change in climate that is based on nothing but lies.